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IREX Supplement I Released

January 10, 2010: A supplement to the IREX I evaluation has been released. The document has two roles. First is to summarize the performance of iris recognition algorithms submitted to NIST since the September 2009 release of the main IREX results, NIST Interagency Report 7629. Second is to give an expanded quantification on the effect of JPEG 2000 compression to iris images.

IREX I Report Summary available

October 30, 2009: IREX Executive Summary [0.5MB]

October 30, 2009: IREX Report [22MB]

October 30, 2009: IREX Report [zip] [14MB]

January 10, 2010: IREX Supplement I [12MB]

January 10, 2010: IREX Supplement I [zip] [6MB]

October 30, 2009: IREX Appendices [zip] [40MB]

IREX I Report Updated

October 30, 2009: The IREX I report, NIST Interagency Report 7629 has been revised as described on page 14 of the report.

IREX I Report now available

September 21, 2009: The results of the IREX evaluation are now available as NIST internal report 7629. The appendices are also available.

Updated FAQ

September 15, 2008: A number of new entries in an updated FAQ.

Release of IREX 08 Validation Package

September 15, 2008: A set of validation images has been released as zip and gzipped tar. The URL is available to IREX08 participants only, via a request to irex [at] (irex[at]nist[dot]gov). Validation is the process of checking that our linking and execution of your software gives identical results to your execution given the same input data. The validation process requires you to compile validation.c, and to link that to produce an application. This application reads the set of images, generates IREX 08 records and templates, and then matches them. An IREX 08 submission can be considered valid only when your output is identical to ours.

Updated API and FAQ

September 11, 2008: The API has been updated. The change made yesterday was a poor fix to the problem. So that change has been reversed, and instead a value of 0 on Table 6 Line 6 now indicates a failure to process the input image. See this and one new entry FAQ. The current IREX conops document is IREX08_conops_API_v11.pdf.

Updated API and FAQ

September 10, 2008: The API has been updated: Line 22 of the Table 6 can now have value 0. This indicates a failure to process the input image. See the new FAQ entry. The current IREX conops document is IREX08_conops_API_v10.pdf.

Updated API and FAQ

September 8, 2008: The API has been updated to optionally allow production of enrollment- and verification-specific templates. Also a bug on Line 18 of the Table 6 record has been fixed. This and other issues are addressed in the updated FAQ.

Updated submission window

September 2, 2008: After a request from a participant, the submission deadline has been extended from September 12 to September 19, 2008.

Correct polar transformation code

September 2, 2008: The polar transformation code has been modified to set counterclockwise ordering. The old version used clockwise encoding which is contrary to ISO/IEC 19794-6/2005.

FAQ and Updated IREX Test Plan and API

August 28, 2008: The FAQ has been updated. This has prompted changes to the parameters of several API calls in the IREX08 Test Plan and API.

Re-release of NIST public key for encryption

August 28, 2008: NIST requires the IREX SDKs to be encrypted, per these instructions. Our public key must be used.

Release of first reference image

August 21, 2008: NIST has released an example IREX record of Kind = 1. The purpose is to support testing of parsers.

Polar Interpolation Code Release 0.5.1

August 20, 2008: NIST has released an initial implementation of the forward and reverse polar transformation code. The code is intended only as a reference for development purposes. It is open for public comment and may be updated. The code is licensed as follows:This software was developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) by employees of the Federal Government in the course of their official duties. Pursuant to title 17 Section 105 of the United States Code, this software is not subject to copyright protection and is in the public domain. NIST assumes no responsibility whatsoever for its use by other parties, and makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, about its quality, reliability, or any other characteristic.

FAQ Updated

August 18, 2008: The FAQ has three new entries. One is a major technical issue regarding polar angles.

FAQ and Updated IREX Test Plan and API

August 6, 2008: The FAQ has been updated in response to a technical issue regarding NIST vs. vendor specification of polar sampling rates. This prompted a comment to be added to the IREX08 Test Plan. The FAQ also answers questions on NIST software code.

FAQ and Updated IREX Test Plan and API

July 28, 2008: The FAQ has been substantially updated in response to technical questions received. This prompted a minor update of the IREX08 Test Plan.

IREX 08 Update to SC 37 Working Group 3

July 25, 2008: NIST gave a brief IREX 08 update to the ISO/IEC 19794-6 standards development committee.

FAQ and Updated IREX Test Plan and API

June 25, 2008: A modified version of IREX08 Test Plan has been released per questions received and answered in the FAQ.

Procedural modifications to IREX Test Plan and API

June 20, 2008: Clarified version of IREX08 Test Plan indicates that withdrawal from IREX between July 2 and September 12, 2008 is allowed and will not be noted in the IREX report, but that withdrawal after September 12 will be noted. Also removal of legacy text implying testing will be conducted in two phases: IREX08 will proceed in one phase.

IREX 2008 - Test Plan Development

Final IREX Test Plan and API

June 11, 2008: With the release of the final IREX08 Test Plan, NIST invites participation in what is likely to be the largest iris recognition test conducted to date. Intended to support credentialing programs based on ISO standardized iris images, the test will commence in Summer 2008 with a view toward making results available ahead of the SC 37 standards meeting in January 2009.

Important dates:2008-JUL-02: Declartion of intention to participate.2008-SEP-12: Deadline for submission of SDK's to NIST.

Second Draft CONOPS + API

February 20, 2008: The second draft of the IREX 2008 concept, evaluation plan and API is now available. Comments are requested by March 11 - please see page 2. The schedule has been updated.

IREX Mailing List

February 20, 2008: To be notified of future IREX announcements please send a request email to patrick.grother[at]

Initial CONOPS + API

November 18, 2007: The first draft of the IREX 2008 concept, evaluation plan and API is now available. Comments are welcome, please see page 2.


November 18, 2007: The IREX 2008 test is designed to measure the accuracy, interoperability of rectilinear and polar iris images formatted according to the ISO/IEC 19794-6 standard, under JPEG and JPEG 2000 compression.

NIST intends to publish the results of the IREX 2008 evaluation before the end of 2008.

IREX 2008 - Cryptographic Protection of Vendor Data

Public Key for Encrypting SDK submissions to NIST

May 30, 2008: The NIST public key for encryption of all software send to NIST is as follows. Use of this key is required. NIST does not accept responsiblity for any unencrypted software sent to NIST.

pub 1024D/856B9B28 2008-05-28 Key fingerprint = 846E 7008 996A E912 974C F8D7 1C7A 0F22 856B 9B28 uid IREX Test Liaison (IREX Test Liaison Key) irex [at]> sub 2048g/5ABA2D90 2008-05-28 


Created June 17, 2010, Updated June 2, 2021