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IREX datasets


The data used in IREX comes from publicly available datasets and from operational data provided by various branches of the US Government and other government entities. The publicly available data sets may be procured from the original sources; in general, NIST does not have license to redistribute any of the public datasets that are used in IREX. The operational data has been provided by the data owners under the condition that it will not be redistributed by NIST. Hence, the IREX program cannot provide datasets to the research community. Mention of any dataset in this list does not represent an endorsement of the dataset for any particular use by NIST or any US Government entity. Additional information on public datasets may be found at

The following lists include the descriptor used in the IREX reports followed by information on where they may be obtained. Since NIST has no control over the public sources, the availability, terms and conditions for the public data sets may change without warning. The datasets used in IREX include:

Validation Datasets

Validation datasets are small datasets distributed to evaluation participants; the participants run their to-be-submitted algorithms on the datasets in their environment and submit the results to NIST. NIST runs the participants’ submitted algorithms on the same datasets in the NIST evaluation environment and compares results with results submitted by the participants to assure that the algorithms are generating the same results in the NIST evaluation environment that they did in the participants’ environment.

The current IREX validation data set is described at and is made available to participants in IREX evaluations.

Operational Data Sets - Sequestered

  1. OPS I-IV: Field collected iris images from various locations. These images tend to suffer more from quality related problems (e.g. motion and focus blur) than images collected in more controlled laboratory settings.
  2. OPS-XING: Approximately 6 million log entries (no images) from a border crossing system; described in detail in IREX VI report.


  1. ICE: Notre Dame – 2005-2006 ICE images, see Described in IREX I & II reports.
  2. Q-Fire – Clarkson University, see . Described in IREX II report.
  3. ND04-08: Notre Dame ND-Time Lapse Iris-2012, see . Described in IREX VI report.
  4. ND08-10: Notre Dame ND-Iris-Template-Aging-2008-2010,see . Described in IREX VI report.



Created May 4, 2015, Updated June 2, 2021