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Research Facility Operations Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Brian Kirby Group Leader brian.kirby [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Daniel M. Adler daniel.adler [at] Fed
George M. Baltic george.baltic [at] Fed
Ed Binkley ed.binkley [at] Fed
Shachar Bir shachar.bir [at] Ctr
Christoph Brocker christoph.brocker [at] Fed
Kenneth Brown kenneth.brown [at] Ctr
Gary Cavanaugh Ctr
Jean Philippe Chabot jeanphilippe.chabot [at] Fed
Wangchun Chen wangchun.chen [at] Fed
Patrick M. Connelly patrick.connelly [at] Fed
Jeremy C. Cook jeremy.cook [at] Fed
Michael Coyle Ctr
Clifford Croasmun Ctr
Steven Crowe Ctr
Tanya Dax tanya.dax [at] Fed
Bud Dickerson william.dickerson [at] Fed
Robert M. Dimeo robert.dimeo [at] Assoc
Sean Dwyer sean.dwyer [at] Ctr
Raphael Erfe raphael.erfe [at] Fed
Michael Fecht Ctr
Frederick Forck Ctr
Sergiy Gladchenko sergiy.gladchenko [at] Fed
David Grabowski david.grabowski [at] Ctr
Ayman Hawari ayman.hawari [at] Fed
Yamali Hernandez yamali.hernandez [at] Fed
Adam Jockel Ctr
Amber Johnson amber.johnson [at] Fed
Douglas Johnson douglas.johnson [at] Fed
Adeniyi Joseph adeniyi.joseph [at] Ctr
Donna Kalteyer donna.kalteyer [at] Fed
Brian Kirby brian.kirby [at] Fed
John Kisner Jr. john.kisner [at] Fed
Frederic Lake Ctr
Juscelino Leao juscelino.leao [at] Fed
Nicholas C. Maliszewskyj nicholas.maliszewskyj [at] Fed
Andrew Malone andrew.malone [at] Fed
Jorgen Miller jorgen.miller [at] Fed
Anthony Mirra anthony.mirra [at] Fed
Jim Moyer james.moyer [at] Fed
Sean Mullendore sean.mullendore [at] Fed
Bruce O'Brien Ctr
Mark O'Brien mark.obrien [at] Fed
Daniel W. Ogg daniel.ogg [at] Fed
Doug Ogg doug.ogg [at] Fed
Chirag Parikh chirag.parikh [at] Ctr
Stephen H. Pheiffer stephen.pheiffer [at] Fed
Donald J. Pierce donald.pierce [at] Fed
Michael Quinn Ctr
Harry Russel harry.russel [at] Fed
Natalya Shmunis natalya.shmunis [at] Ctr
Richard Swanson Ctr
Thuan T. Thai thuan.thai [at] Fed
Russell Titus Ctr
Rodrigo Vilaseca rodrigo.vilaseca [at] Fed
Shannon Watson shannon.watson [at] Fed
Colin W. Wrenn colin.wrenn [at] Fed
Lawrence Wroten lawrence.wroten [at] Fed
Jeffrey Ziegler jeff.ziegler [at] Fed