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Quantum Sensors Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Joel Ullom Division Chief joel.ullom [at] Fed
W. Bertrand (Randy) Doriese Deputy Division Chief wbertrand.doriese [at] Fed
Theodore C. Stauffer Division Safety Representative theodore.stauffer [at] Fed
Kimberly Keinath Division Secretary kimberly.keinath [at] Fed

Device Fabrication Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Dan Schmidt Group Leader [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Kyuyoung Bae kyuyoung.bae [at] Assoc
James A. Beall james.beall [at] Fed
Shannon Duff shannon.duff [at] Fed
Matthew Koc matthew.koc [at] Assoc
Richard Lew richard.lew [at] Assoc
Michael J. Link [at] Fed
Tammy Lucas tammy.lucas [at] Fed
Jason Nobles jason.nobles [at] Assoc
Cassandra Rose cassandra.rose [at] Assoc
Dan Schmidt [at] Fed
Robinjeet Singh robinjeet.singh [at] Assoc
Leila R. Vale leila.vale [at] Fed
Michael Vissers michael.vissers [at] Fed
Joel Weber [at] Assoc

Long Wavelength Sensors and Applications Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Johannes Hubmayr Group Leader johannes.hubmayr [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Jason Austermann jason.austermann [at] Fed
Sarah Marie Bruno Assoc
Rodrigo Freundt Rueda IntlAssoc
Angelina Harke-Hosemann angelina.harke-hosemann [at] Assoc
Logan Howe logan.howe [at] Assoc
Zachary Huber Assoc
Zachary Huber Assoc
Johannes Hubmayr johannes.hubmayr [at] Fed
Gregory Jaehnig gregory.jaehnig [at] Assoc
Dante Jones dante.jones [at] Assoc
Nathan Nakamura nathan.nakamura [at] Fed
Kate Okun kate.okun [at] Assoc
Sarah Stevenson sarah.stevenson [at] Assoc
Jeff Van Lanen jeff.vanlanen [at] Fed
Anna Vaskuri anna.vaskuri [at] IntlAssoc
Jordan Wheeler jordan.wheeler [at] Fed

Quantum Calorimeters Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Daniel Swetz Group Leader daniel.swetz [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Thomas Baker thomas.baker [at] Assoc
W. Bertrand (Randy) Doriese wbertrand.doriese [at] Fed
Katherine Ellis katherine.ellis [at] Assoc
Ian Fogarty Florang ian.fogartyflorang [at] Assoc
Joseph Fowler joe.fowler [at] Assoc
Robert Harper robert.harper [at] Assoc
Joshua Ho joshua.ho [at] Assoc
Mark Keller mark.keller [at] Fed
Kelsey Morgan kelsey.morgan [at] Assoc
Matthew Natale matthew.natale [at] Assoc
Matthew Natale matthew.natale [at] Assoc
Galen O'Neil galen.oneil [at] Fed
Avirup Roy avirup.roy [at] IntlAssoc
Daniel Swetz daniel.swetz [at] Fed
Paul Szypryt paul.szypryt [at] Assoc

Quantum Electronics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Douglas Bennett Group Leader douglas.bennett [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Dan Becker dan.becker [at] Assoc
Douglas Bennett douglas.bennett [at] Fed
Malcolm Durkin malcolm.durkin [at] Assoc
Johnathon Gard johnathon.gard [at] Assoc
Eva Gurra eva.gurra [at] Assoc
Erin Maloney erin.maloney [at] Assoc
Nicholas Materise Assoc
Corey Rae McRae coreyrae.mcrae [at] IntlAssoc
Zachary Miles zachary.miles [at] Assoc
John Pitten Assoc
Jorge Ramirez Ortiz jorge.ramirez [at] Assoc
Carl D. Reintsema carl.reintsema [at] Fed
Miranda Thompson miranda.thompson [at] Fed

Quantum Sensors – HQ

Name Email Staff type
Vickie Alexander vickie.alexander [at] Fed
Michelle Chaumont michelle.chaumont [at] Fed
Charles Danaher Ctr
Matthew Glenney matthew.glenney [at] Fed
Martin Gould Ctr
Martin Huber martin.huber [at] Assoc
John Jones john.jones6 [at] Fed
Kimberly Keinath kimberly.keinath [at] Fed
Vincent Kotsubo vincent.kotsubo [at] Assoc
John Mates john.mates [at] Fed
Nathan Ortiz nathan.ortiz [at] Fed
Jae Park jae.park [at] Assoc
Angela Rapson angela.rapson [at] Fed
Thomas J. Silva thomas.silva [at] Fed
Ryan Snodgrass ryan.snodgrass [at] Assoc
Starletta Strickland starletta.strickland [at] Fed
Joel Ullom joel.ullom [at] Fed