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Quantum Sensors Division Groups

Device Fabrication Group

The application of modern micro- and nanofabrication techniques to superconducting and cryogenic electronics is enabling new capabilities and applications.

Long Wavelength Sensors and Applications Group

The Long Wavelength Sensors and Applications Group develops cryogenic instrumentation for the measurement of faint signals at microwave to far-infrared wavelengths. Applications include precision measurements of Cosmic Microwave Background and other astrophysical observables; quantum sensing; and

Quantum Calorimeters Group

Superconducting devices at very low temperatures can be used to measure very small amounts of energy. Using this effect, the Quantum Calorimeters Group is building single photon detectors for large regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Quantum Electronics Group

The Quantum Electronics Group has two core objectives: (1) to perform fundamental research that enables the detection of weak signals based on quantum coherence and quantum entanglement in superconducting quantum systems, (2) to develop low noise, high bandwidth multiplexed readout for arrays of