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Latent Testing Workshop 2006 Presentations

This page is intended as a permanent archive of the 29 presentations delivered to the approximately 50 attendees of the April 2006 NIST Latent Testing Workshop.

V.N. Dyornychenko, M. D. Garris, "Summary of NIST Latent Fingerprint Testing Workshop" NISTIR 7377" [806K], November 2006

The presentations are listed alphabetically by speaker name. The titles of the presentations may differ slightly from those on the presentation title page.

  1. Nigel Allinson and Ian Gledhill, Wireless Transmission of Fingerprints , University of Sheffield/PITO, UK .

  2. Behnam Bavarian, Thresholds and Parameters for Automatic Decisions , Motorola, Inc.

  3. Mark Branchflower, Implementation of Remote Latent Search Capability at Interpol , Interpol

  4. Wally Briefs, Maximizing Latent Identification Performance , Cogent, Inc. .

  5. Vladimir Dvornychenko, Latent Test Sets "Wish List" , NIST .

  6. Jeri Eaton and Wade Petroka, Needs and Applications of Latents at King County, WA, Sheriff Office , King County, WA, Sheriff Office .

  7. Jean-Christophe Fondeur, Experience in Lights-out Processing , Sagem-Morpho Corp. .

  8. Michael Garris, Proposed Latent Testing Methodology , NIST .

  9. Danny Greathouse, Need for Rapid Turnaround at US-VISIT , DHS/US-VISIT Support Contractor .

  10. Patrick Grother, Offline Biometric Testing at NIST , NIST .

  11. Masanori Hara, Thoughts on Automatic Latent Processing and Matching Algorithms , NEC Corp.

  12. Marty Herman and Vladimir Dvornychenko, Opening Remarks , NIST .

  13. Austin Hicklin, CDEFFS -- Extended Feature Sets , Mitretek Systems .

  14. Austin Hicklin, Quantifying Latent Quality , Mitretek Systems .

  15. Austin Hicklin, CDEFFS Committee Meeting , Mitretek Systems .

  16. Tom Hopper, ULW pproach for Sharing Latent Identification Services , FBI/CJIS .

  17. Anil Jain and Yi Chen, High Resolution Matching Using Level 3 Features , Michigan State University

  18. George Kiebuzinski, Lessons Learned during IAFIS Source Selection , Mitretek Systems

  19. Deborah Leben, Applications ULW at DHS , DHS/USSS .

  20. Gordon Low, Needs and applications of Latents at CA Dep't of Justice , CA Department of Justice .

  21. Stephen Meagher, Latent Processing at the FBI/LPU , FBI/LPU .

  22. Francis P. Senese, Problems Experiencp5_senese_livescan_latent_2006.pdfed with Livescans , Joliet, IL, Forensic Science Laboratory .

  23. Thomas Smith, Need for AFIS Vendors to Improve Search Capability , LA Sheriff Dept. .

  24. Ambika Suman, Evaluating Automated Finger and Palm Mark (latent) Searching , PITO, UK.

  25. B. Scott Swann, Needs and Applications of Latents at FBI/CJIS , FBI/CJIS .

  26. Elham Tabassi, Quality Measure Workshop Lessons Learned , NIST .

  27. Phillip Wasserman, Level 3 Feature Detection Using Support Vector Machines , NIST.

  28. Kasey Wertheim, Latent Quality Measures , DoD Biometrics Support contractor, Lockheed Martin .

  29. Stephen Wood, Test Sets at NIST , NIST.

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