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IEG Announcements Archive

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09/01/2022  Recommendations to OSAC by discussion groups

OSAC,, works on development of standards for the forensic community.  Some of their interests overlap with those of the IEG. 

The IEG discussion groups are currently engaged in preparing recommendations for OSAC on two topics, with expectation of additional topics in the future.  The current topics are

  • Iris Examiner Training
  • Iris Image Capture

If you have interest in participating in the preparation and review of IEG recommendations to OSAC,  please join one or more of our discussion groups.   You may direct questions to james.matey [at] (james[dot]matey[at]nist[dot]gov) .

08/16/2022  June 2023 Annual meeting and other updates

  • We recently purged our address lists of emails that are bouncing.  Everyone who remains on one or more address lists should get an email/invite by the end of August. 
  • We recently setup Google Drive folders to share materials with the members of our various address lists.  You should have gotten an invite if you belong to one of the lists.  If you do not, please contact james.matey [at] (james[dot]matey[at]nist[dot]gov) .
  • Our annual meeting for 2023 will be held on Thursday June 15, 2023.  It will be virtual, details to follow.  There is construction underway at NIST that prevents use of our regular meeting room and the NIST cafeteria in June  2023.  On the basis of input from participants in past meetings, we will consider a hybrid meeting in 2024.   Suggestions for topics, speakers and improvements in the meeting process are welcome – write to james.matey [at] (james[dot]matey[at]nist[dot]gov) .
  • The June 2022 meeting was well attended and the speakers well received.  Thanks to all the speakers and to the audience participants for making the meeting a success.

04/11/2022:  June 2022 Meeting – Agenda

Here is the draft agenda for the meeting on June 23 -- link .

It was recently pointed out that the IEG meeting on June 23 overlaps with the  CVPR meeting (   This overlap is regrettable, but shifting the IEG meeting this later would cause complications.  The meeting date will stand;  we will avoid the conflict in the future

03/14/2022:  June 2022 Meeting – Registration Open     

Registration for the  June 2022 IEG Meeting, which will be held virtually on Thursday, June 23, 2022, is now open at

  • Registration required, though free.  See registration page for details.
  • The agenda is being prepared and should be ready in the first week of April.  Suggestions for topics and speakers (as well as improvements to meeting process) are welcome.  Send suggestions to ieg-ii [at] (ieg-ii[at]nist[dot]gov) , with subject = IEG June Meeting.
  • It is much easier for the organizers to deal with a no-show than to deal with a registration request after the closing date of June 21 .  Please register before the closing date, even if your attendance is not definite.

01/03/2022:  June 2022 Meeting

The June 2022 IEG Meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, June 23, 2022. 

  • Meeting platform is BlueJeans, same as in 2021.
  • Registration required, though free.  Registration instructions will be posted 1Q, 2022.
  • Suggestions for topics and speakers (as well as improvements to meeting process) are welcome.  Send suggestions to ieg-ii [at] (ieg-ii[at]nist[dot]gov) , with subject = IEG June Meeting.



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Created December 10, 2018, Updated February 22, 2023