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Evaluation of Latent Friction Ridge Technology

Test Results | Mailing List | Test Plan (PDF) and API


Evaluation of Latent Friction Ridge Technology (ELFT) is a one-to-many biometric identification technology evaluation that uses digitized latent friction ridge images and/or feature sets as probes and all types of friction ridge images as references. ELFT exercises the template creation and template searching algorithms at the core of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), not the system itself.


  1. Fill out the request for the dataset agreement to receive the validation dataset.
  2. Wrap your algorithm in the ELFT application programming interface (API), and built it as a shared library.
  3. Follow the instructions for validation on GitHub.
  4. Sign, date, and scan the evaluation agreement to NIST. Physically mail the signed agreement to NIST.
  5. Upload the signed and encrypted output of validation, your public encryption key, and your signed evaluation agreement via the NIST ELFT submission form.


ELFT is a relaunch and reimagining of the similarly named Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technologies, which was conducted at NIST 2006–2012:


Created May 7, 2020, Updated August 26, 2022