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ELFT-EFS Evaluation 2

April 2010: ELFT-EFS Evaluation 2 Announced ELFT-EFS Evaluation #2 will commence 21 June 2010. The evaluation is open to all developers of latent fingerprint identification systems. All results will be made public and anonymous participation will not be permitted. The latent and exemplar images and features in Evaluation #2 will be similar but not identical to those in Evaluation #1. The API and test protocols used by for Evaluation #2 will closely follow (but are not limited to) those specified in Evaluation #1. A major change from Evaluation 1 is that participants may specify the subtests on which NIST will execute their SDKs. The purpose of ELFT-EFS Evaluation #2 is the continued performance evaluation of AFEM (image-only) and latent fingerprint examiner assisted (image+manual feature markup) based latent fingerprint identification technologies. Technological progress will be measured with respect to prior evaluations with the expectation that participants in previous tests may incorporate lessons learned from previous results and/or miss analysis conducted at NIST, while opening registration to new participants.


Created May 27, 2010, Updated June 2, 2021