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Latent Fingerprint Technologies 2007 (ELFT 07)

NIST announced in November 2006 the NIST Evaluation of Latent Fingerprints Technologies, ELFT07. The test was aimed at assessing the core capabilities of current automatic latent matching algorithms. The test is described in the the evaluation concept document. The evaluation assessed technologies submitted to NIST as software development kits which implement the Latent Testing API.

April 2009: ELFT Phase II Final Report Released

NIST announces the publication of ELFT Phase II - An Evaluation of Automated Latent Fingerprint Identification Technologies (NISTIR 7577) which is available here.

**NOTE: Peoplespot is a subsidiary of Eastern Golden Finger Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. - D.B.A.: GFS Systems.

November 2007: Evaluation of Latent Fingerprints Technologies (ELFT) Phase II

Phase II testing commences December of 2007 and expands on Phase I through the use of improved software and larger datasets to give refined estimates of capability. Performance will be explored at both 500 and 1000 ppi, with and without supplementary Regions-of-Interest (ROI) markup. Phase II is limited to those participating in Phase I.

September 2007: Results of Evaluation of Latent Fingerprints Technologies (ELFT) Phase I Testing

Phase I testing was conducted at NIST during June and July of 2007. A brief summary of the ELFT Phase I Testing results here

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