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NICE Framework Work Role Videos

Securely Provision | Operate & Maintain | Oversee & Govern | Protect & Defend | Analyze | Collect & Operate | Investigate

The Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity (NICE Framework) provides a set of building blocks for describing the tasks, knowledge, and skills that are needed to perform cybersecurity work performed by individuals and teams. These building blocks can be used to for Work Roles. Work Roles are not job titles, but rather a way of describing a grouping of work for which someone is responsible or accountable. The NICE Framework has 52 Work Roles divided into 7 Categories.

This video library provides links to videos depicting a day in the life of cybersecurity practitioners who have a range of Work Roles.



Credit: Shutterstock

Software Developer

Software Engineer Ustav Pandey, Microsoft

Security Architect Image_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/Metamorworks

Security Architect

Security Architect
Peter Vincent, IBM

Credit: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff

Research & Development Specialist​

Security Research Manager​
Tod Beardsley, Rapid 7


Authorizing Official_DesignatingRep_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/Assistant

Authorizing Official/Designating Representative​

Chief Security Officer
Larry Knafo, BlackRock

Security Control Assessor_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/Chan2545

Security Control Assessor

Product Marketing Manager
Chris Kirsch, Metasploit

Security Software Assessor_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/faithie

Secure Software Assessor

Software Quality Assurance
Engineer & Tester


Enterprise Architect Puzzle Image_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/metamorworks

Enterprise Architect

Chief Enterprise Architect​Claude Sam-Foh, FSC of Ontario

Computer Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Song_about_summer

Systems Requirements Planner​

Principal Consultant, Process Impact​
Karl Wiegers, Enfocus Solutions

Chain Image_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/Iaroslav Neliubov

System Testing & Evaluation Specialist​

System Test Engineer​Domonic Nunley, Progressive

Operate and Maintain Image CCAW


Credit: Shutterstock/Iaremenko Sergii

Technical Support Specialist

Computer User & Network Support Specialist The Career Force

Network Operation Specialist CCAW Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Vasin Lee

Network Operations Specialist

Computer Network Architect CareerOneStop

System Administrator CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/metamorworks

System Administrator

System Administrator CareerOneStop


System Security Analyst_CCAW Image
Credit: Shutterstock/LeoWolfert

Systems Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst CareerOneStop

Credit: Shutterstock/Sashkin

Database Administrator

Database Administrator
Laura Herschel, USAA

Data Analyst_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/Blackboard

Data Analyst

Data Analyst
The Career Force


Computer Graphic_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/Ramcreative

Knowledge Manager

Knowledge Manager KnowledgeMT



Oversee and Govern Banner CCAW


Curriculum Developer Image
Credit: Shutterstock/dotshock

Cyber Instructional
Curriculum Developer

Cybersecurity Curriculum Developer Shelly Anderson, Intel

IT Program Manager Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Andrey_Popov

IT Program Manager

Program Manager Kasey Champion, Microsoft

Executive Cyber Leader Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Blue Planet Studio

Executive Cyber Leadership

Principal Threat Analyst Lesly Carhart, Dragos


Lock tech image
Credit: Shutterstock/wk1003mike

Privacy Officer/
Privacy Compliance Manager

IT Compliance Manager
Kejuanna Thomas, GE Healthcare


Cyber Instructor
Credit: Shutterstock/REDPIXEL.PL

Cyber Instructor

Cyber Security Instructor
Kelly Handerhan, Cybrary

Credit: Shutterstock/NicoElNino

Information Systems
Security Manager

Computer & Information
Systems Manager



Credit: Shutterstock/Korn

Program Manager

Program Manager
Various, Google

Product Support Manager_CCAW
Credit: Shutterstock/Natali _ Mis

Product Support Manager

Product Support Specialist
Various, TPP

mallet Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Illus_man

Cyber Legal Advisor

Cyber Law Advocate
Pavan Duggal, CyberLaw Asia


Money Image
Credit: Shutterstock/MVelishchuk

IT Investment/Portfolio Manager

IT Professor
Joe Peppard, Cranfield School of Mgmt

PDF cyber Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Illus_man

IT Program Auditor

Cybersecurity Instructor
Grant Collins, Cybercademy


protect and defend banner image


Cyber Meeting Picture
Credit: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff

Cyber Defense Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst
James Weston, Inmarsat

Cyber Digital Image
Credit: Shutterstock/kubais

Cyber Defense Infrastructure Support Specialist

Cybersecurity Instructor
Emilio Aguero, Digital Byte Computing

Computer Cyber Image
Credit: Shutterstock/ESB Professional

Cyber Defense Incident Responder

Managing Consultant
Keatron Evans, KM Cyber Security


Cyber computer Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Hernan E. Schmidt

Vulnerability Assessment Analyst

Vulnerability Verification Specialist
Lauren McCaslin, WhiteHat Security




Analyze Banner


Cyber Person Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff

Threat/Warning Analyst

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Jessica Lee, Chevron

Cyber World Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Krunja

Language Analyst

Cryptologic Language Analyst U.S. Air Force

Lock Cyber Image
Credit: Shutterstock/LuckyStep

Exploitation Analyst

Signals Acquisition / Exploitation Analyst U.S. Army


World Ball Image
Credit: Shutterstock/NPFire

All-Source Analyst


Intelligence Analyst
U.S. Army

Travel image
Credit: Shutterstock/Golden Sikorka

Target Network Analyst

Computer Network Architect


Collect and Operate Banner
Person in Cyber
Credit: Shutterstock/metamorworks

Collection Manager

Collection Management Officer Various, CIA

Face Cyber Image
Credit: Shutterstock/whiteMocca

Cyber Intel Planner

Cyber Threat Intelligence Researcher
Anita Bielicka, Orpheus Cyber

Cyber operation Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff

Cyber Operator

Cyber Operations Specialist
Various, U.S. Army

Investigate Banner


Cyber Eye Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Carlos Amarillo

Cyber Crime Investigator

Cyber Crime Investigator
Alain Stevens, Pacta

Cyber Fingerprint Image
Credit: Shutterstock/whiteMocca

Law Enforcement & Counterintelligence
orensic Analyst

Digital Forensics Investigator

Record Player Image
Credit: Shutterstock/Torin55

Cyber Defense Forensic Analyst

Forensic Technology Director
Davin Teo, Alvarez & Marsal

Created May 6, 2021, Updated July 15, 2022