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IEG Announcements Archive 2016

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7/12/2016: Update

  • The first meeting of IEG-II was held on June 28, see  IEG-II June 2016 for details.
  • We are not distributing slides, please contact the speaker directly.
  • We are beginning to plan a follow up meeting.
    • Venue: NIST, Gaithersburg MD campus
    • Date:  Tentatively, sometime in January 2017
  • Suggestions about dates to avoid (or recommend) are welcome.
  • Suggestions for topics and speakers are welcome.
  • Suggestions for improvements in the overall meeting process are welcome.

5/12/2016:  Schedule Update

The date for the first meeting has been changed to Tuesday, 6/28/2016 and registration is now open. Please see IEG-II June 2016 for details.

4-11-2016:  Schedule for first meeting of IEG-II

The first meeting of the reformulated Iris Experts Group will be held at NIST in late June.  Potential speakers, please see the instructions below. Attendees, please wait for registration information is to be posted here.


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Created February 17, 2023, Updated February 22, 2023