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Biometric Quality Workshop II Presentations

November 7-8, 2007
National Institute of Standards and Technology


The presentations are listed alphabetically by speaker name.

  1. Andy Adler Low Quality Images are Less Informative: Measuring Quality via Information Content Carleton University

  2. Oliver Bausinger and Uwe Seidel Next Generation German E-passport Fingerprint Enrollment: Quality vs. Time Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) and Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)

  3. David Benini Updates on Biometric Sample Quality Standard (ISO/IEC 29794) Aware Corp.

  4. Ramsey Billups Biometrics Quality on Purpose Cogent Systems Inc.

  5. John Butler DNA Quality NIST

  6. Jim Cambier Iris Quality Metrics for Automated Image Capture Crossmatch Technologies Inc.

  7. Rafaele Cappelli Use of Synthetic Data for Evaluating the Quality of Minutia Extraction Algorithms University of Bologna

  8. Rama Chellappa Illumination Normalization Using Computer Vision Methods University of Maryland

  9. Thomas Coty Biometric Sample Quality Challenge Department of Homeland Security

  10. Donald D'Amato Should there be Appendix F-type Standards and Device Certification for Face Image Capture Devices? Noblis

  11. Drahansky Methods for Quality Determination of Papillary Lines in Fingerprints University of Brno

  12. Matteo Ferrara and Davide Maltoni On the Operational Quality of Fingerprint Scanners University of Bologna

  13. Julian Fierrez BMEC 2007 Experience on Sensor Interoperability Using Biometric Quality Estimates and Quality-based Fusion University Autonoma de Madrid

  14. Patrick Flynn Observations from ICE2006 Quality Data University of Notre Dame

  15. Jean-Christophe Fondeur Usability, Interoperability and Biometrics Quality Sagem Morpho

  16. Patrick Grother The IREX 2008 Evaluation NIST

  17. Patrick Grother Opening Remarks for the Biometric Quality Workshop 2007 NIST

  18. Masanori Hara Thoughts on Fingerprint Image Quality and Its Evaluation NEC Corp.

  19. Austin Hicklin FBI Laboratory Latent Fingerprint Quality Study Noblis

  20. Qing Ji Face Recognition Systems Performance Modeling, Prediction, and Improvement Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  21. Jieun Ryu Analysis of Effect of Fingerprint Sample Quality in Template Ageing Inha University

  22. Daehoon Kim The Unsegmented Polar Iris Image Format Iritech Inc.

  23. Teddy Ko and Rama Krishnan Challenges of Integrating NFIQ into an Existing Biometric Application Raytheon Corp.

  24. Kristof Kryszczuk Improving Biometrics Verification with Class-independent Quality Information Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)

  25. Eric Kukula Understanding the Impact of the Human-Biometric Sensor Interaction and System Design on Biometric Image Quality Purdue University

  26. Rick Lazarick The Need for Component Quality Metrics and Weighting Factors Computer Sciences Corp.

  27. Guy Mahoney The Challenges of Creating a Quality Algorithm for a Mobile AFIS Device Motorola Inc.

  28. Tony Mansfield The Application of Quality Scores in Biometric Recognition UK National Physical Laboratory

  29. Brian Martin Image Enhancements for Improving Biometric Quality and Recognition Accuracy L-1 Identity Inc.

  30. Larry Nadel Approaches to Face Image Capture at US-VISIT Ports of Entry Noblis

  31. Jonathon Phillips Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Analyzing Face Covariates NIST

  32. Terry Riopka Zen and the Art of Facial Image Quality Aware Inc.

  33. Natalia Schmid On Iris Quality, Quality-based Iris Segmentation, and Quality of Large Datasets University of West Virginia

  34. Samir Shah Iris Quality from Image Acquisition LG Electronics

  35. Diane Stephens Importance of Image Quality to US-VISIT & IDENT Department of Homeland Security

  36. Ron Sutton Biometric Credentialing for Biometrically Challenged Users Bearing Point

  37. Scott Swann An FBI Perspective on Quality Federal Bureau of Investigation

  38. Valorie Valencia Iris Image Quality of a Sample Population Authenti-Corp

  39. Bradford Wing Opening Remarks: I Know It When I See It Department of Homeland Security

  40. Bob Yen A New Approach for Measuring Facial Image Quality U.S. Army, Biometrics Task Force

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