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National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Cybersecurity Challenge

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How it Works | How to Participate

You're invited to participate in the National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Cybersecurity Challenge, a nation-wide challenge for educators, students, career counselors, and others that will ignite interest in cybersecurity careers by enabling participants to test drive cybersecurity careers with a free online cybersecurity career exploration platform called the NSA Day of Cyber

The National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Cybersecurity Challenge will launch at the first annual National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Kick-off event and run until December 5th, 2017 where the top 5 schools will be announced at the National K-12 Cybersecurity Education Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

The NSA Day of Cyber is an interactive web platform that enables students to take a seat beside the NSA Cyber Threat Director and test drive a day in the life of six NSA cybersecurity professionals. Students virtually participate in challenging real-world cybersecurity scenarios that will allow them to discover the skills and tools used by the NSA cybersecurity professionals and explore the vast number of careers in cybersecurity. Once completed, each student will each receive their Cybersecurity Resume and Certificate of Completion.

How it Works:

  • There is no cost to participate in the National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Cybersecurity Challenge.
  • The challenge will kick off at the National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week kick-off event held on November 13th and will run through December 5th, 2017.
  • Schools and Teachers can select ANY DAY during that time period to run the experience with students.
  • Schools and teachers with the highest student participation in the program will be announced at the K-12 Cybersecurity Conference.
  • Highest student participation will be based on the number of students running the introductory portion of the NSA Day of Cyber and having generated their "Cybersecurity Resume."
  • Helpful Tips for the running the NSA Day of Cyber in the classroom are available in the Instructor Resource Guide
  • Make sure that you do a system check on a few computers in your classroom prior to running with your students. The System Check can be found here:
  • No teacher training is required and students only need a computer and Internet access with approximately two hours required to perform the activities either at the school or at home.

How to Participate:


Educators ONLY should use the customized registration link below. Then share the URL and Student Registration Key located in your Instructor Dashboard with your students.

Day of Cyber dashboard example

Educator's Registration Key


Students will be provided with the registration URL and student registration key by a registered educator or career counselors. 

Support questions: support [at] (subject: National%20Cybersecurity%20Career%20Awareness%20Week%20Cyber%20Challenge) (support[at]lifejourney[dot]us),

You may also contact Kim Paradise, Vice President of Partnerships at LifeJourney, with any additional questions: kim [at] (subject: National%20Cybersecurity%20Career%20Awareness%20Week%20Cyber%20Challenge) (kim[at]lifejourney[dot]us).

Created October 31, 2017, Updated November 1, 2017