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Classroom Speaking Tips

 Classroom Presentations | Tips and Tricks | Ice Breaker Examples

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Classroom Presentations

It is important to understand the difference between cybersecurity career awareness and cyber awareness. In many cases teachers are requesting a career briefing and become disappointed when the content covered seems more geared towards cyber awareness (internet safety). Topics such as strong passwords, privacy, use of social media, and online reputation management are now usually covered in detail due to the federal mandates associated with E-rate funding. Teachers may be disappointed and students may also become bored as they have already heard the cybersafety messaging. While these topics can be briefly covered, the key is to make the connection between the cyber awareness topics and the career opportunities and pathways. What are jobs in cybersecurity? How does choosing a strong password make the job of a cybersecurity practitioner easier? Can students think of other ways besides passwords to make information confidential and secure? What are different job roles and responsibilities in cybersecurity?

Tips and Tricks, and Things to Know

School Requirements for outside visitors
Depending on the school or school district, you may be asked to provide evidence of a background check or participate in a volunteer screening process. You or a representative of your organization might want to verify the requirements. Always ask that a second adult be present during your presentation. Make sure you have a state or federal government-issued form of identification on hand when arriving at the school. Most schools now require proper identification at the main office before allowing you to be escorted to your presentation location.

Grab their attention
The key to a successful presentation is to capture the audience’s attention from the start and hold throughout. You might want to start with a brain teaser, short video, open-ended question, magic trick, age-appropriate story, or demonstration that introduces your topic. 
NOTE: Handouts and giveaways should be given towards the end of your presentation.

Presentation pointers 
Here are some tips to help your presentation go smoothly.

  • Introduce yourself with age appropriate vocabulary
  • Avoid (spell out and explain) acronyms; assume the audience is not familiar with any acronyms or titles
  • Make eye contact
  • Whenever possible, make it active, animated, and include discussion and hands-on activities
  • Use minimal PowerPoint and/or video
  • Do not assume there will be electricity, laptop, projector, screen, or Internet access
  • Get students engaged by asking questions and continue to check often for understanding
  • Use props, activities, student demos, and other visual materials to make the presentation more interactive
  • Close with a summary of your key points, or, better yet, ask students to summarize their key take-aways

Thanks all around
Be sure to thank the students, teachers, chaperones, parents, and administrators for allowing you to visit.

Ice Breaker Examples

Here are a few crowd pleasers to help capture the student’s attention.

*Click the image or title to get PDF version



Opening Questions

Lesson Plan Elementary Level

Lesson Plan Middle School Level

Lesson Plan High School Level

Description: Opening questions and/or riddles to grab the student’s attention.


3D Poster

3D Eyes

Lesson Plan

Description: 3D Sterogram Puzzle with discussion.



Next Letter

Lesson Plan

Description: Which letter comes next in an encryption puzzle with discussion.


Things in Common

Lesson Plan

Description: What do these things have in common to cybersecurity activity with discussion.




Pig Pen Cipher

Lesson Plan

Description: Pig Pen Cipher puzzle with cybersecurity discussion.


Flag Poster

Lesson Plan

Description: Flag poster decoding with cybersecurity discussion. Also, great to have the flags for students to try out the messaging.




Name The Picture

Lesson Plan

Description: Pig Pen Cipher puzzle with cybersecurity discussion.


Career Vocab Comic

Lesson Plan

Description: Various Cyber careers displayed, research, and draw a comic about.

Created August 24, 2022, Updated August 26, 2022