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NIST Center for Neutron Research Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type Email
Andrea Szakal Organization Unit Safety Coordinator andrea.szakal [at] Fed andrea.szakal [at]
James M. Adams OU Director (Acting) james.adams [at] Fed james.adams [at]
Thomas Newton Deputy OU Director thomas.newton [at] Fed thomas.newton [at]
Anthony Gomez Senior Management Advisor anthony.gomez [at] Fed anthony.gomez [at]

NIST Center for Neutron Research

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Andrea Szakal Organization Unit Safety Coordinator andrea.szakal [at] Fed
James M. Adams OU Director (Acting) james.adams [at] Fed
Thomas Newton Deputy OU Director thomas.newton [at] Fed
Anthony Gomez Senior Management Advisor anthony.gomez [at] Fed

Research Facility Operations Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Brian Kirby Group Leader brian.kirby [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Daniel M. Adler daniel.adler [at] Fed
George M. Baltic george.baltic [at] Fed
Ed Binkley ed.binkley [at] Fed
Shachar Bir shachar.bir [at] Ctr
Christoph Brocker christoph.brocker [at] Fed
Kenneth Brown kenneth.brown [at] Ctr
Gary Cavanaugh Ctr
Jean Philippe Chabot jeanphilippe.chabot [at] Fed
Wangchun Chen wangchun.chen [at] Fed
Patrick M. Connelly patrick.connelly [at] Fed
Jeremy C. Cook jeremy.cook [at] Fed
Michael Coyle Ctr
Clifford Croasmun Ctr
Steven Crowe Ctr
Tanya Dax tanya.dax [at] Fed
Bud Dickerson william.dickerson [at] Fed
Robert M. Dimeo robert.dimeo [at] Assoc
Sean Dwyer sean.dwyer [at] Ctr
Raphael Erfe raphael.erfe [at] Fed
Michael Fecht Ctr
Frederick Forck Ctr
Sergiy Gladchenko sergiy.gladchenko [at] Fed
David Grabowski david.grabowski [at] Ctr
Ayman Hawari ayman.hawari [at] Fed
Yamali Hernandez yamali.hernandez [at] Fed
Kiefer Iacaruso kiefer.iacaruso [at] Fed
Adam Jockel Ctr
Amber Johnson amber.johnson [at] Fed
Douglas Johnson douglas.johnson [at] Fed
Adeniyi Joseph adeniyi.joseph [at] Ctr
Donna Kalteyer donna.kalteyer [at] Fed
Brian Kirby brian.kirby [at] Fed
Nicholas Kiwanuka nicholas.kiwanuka [at] Fed
Frederic Lake Ctr
Juscelino Leao juscelino.leao [at] Fed
Nicholas C. Maliszewskyj nicholas.maliszewskyj [at] Fed
Andrew Malone andrew.malone [at] Fed
Jorgen Miller jorgen.miller [at] Fed
Anthony Mirra anthony.mirra [at] Fed
Jim Moyer james.moyer [at] Fed
Sean Mullendore sean.mullendore [at] Fed
Bruce O'Brien bruce.obrien [at] Ctr
Mark O'Brien mark.obrien [at] Fed
Daniel W. Ogg daniel.ogg [at] Fed
Doug Ogg doug.ogg [at] Fed
Chirag Parikh chirag.parikh [at] Ctr
Stephen H. Pheiffer stephen.pheiffer [at] Fed
Donald J. Pierce donald.pierce [at] Fed
Michael Quinn Ctr
Harry Russel harry.russel [at] Fed
Natalya Shmunis natalya.shmunis [at] Ctr
Richard Swanson Ctr
Thuan T. Thai thuan.thai [at] Fed
Russell Titus russell.titus [at] Ctr
Rodrigo Vilaseca rodrigo.vilaseca [at] Fed
Shannon Watson shannon.watson [at] Fed
Colin W. Wrenn colin.wrenn [at] Fed
Lawrence Wroten lawrence.wroten [at] Fed
Jeffrey Ziegler jeff.ziegler [at] Fed

Neutron-Condensed Matter Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Ronald L. Jones Group Leader ronald.jones [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Richard Azuah richard.azuah [at] Assoc
Purnima Balakrishnan purnima.balakrishnan [at] Fed
John Barker john.barker [at] Fed
Peter Beaucage peter.beaucage [at] Fed
Norman F. Berk norman.berk [at] Assoc
Julie A. Borchers julie.borchers [at] Fed
Collin L. Broholm Assoc
Craig Brown craig.brown [at] Fed
Nicholas Butch nicholas.butch [at] Fed
Paul Butler paul.butler [at] Fed
Patrick Chen patrick.chen [at] Assoc
Hsiung Chou hsiung.chou [at] IntlAssoc
Joseph Curtis joseph.curtis [at] Fed
Peter Czajka peter.czajka [at] Fed
Rebecca Dally rebecca.dally [at] Fed
Roisin Donnelly roisin.donnelly [at] Assoc
Joseph A. Dura joseph.dura [at] Fed
Dominik Dziura dominik.dziura [at] IntlAssoc
Thaddeus Egnaczyk thaddeus.egnaczyk [at] Assoc
Ross W. Erwin ross.erwin [at] Assoc
Hayden Evans hayden.evans [at] Fed
Antonio Faraone antonio.faraone [at] Fed
Rachel Ford [at] Fed
Corey Frank corey.frank [at] Fed
David Fushman Assoc
Cedric Gagnon cedric.gagnon [at] Assoc
Jonathan Gaudet jonathan.gaudet [at] IntlAssoc
Nirmal Ghimire Assoc
Charles J. Glinka charles.glinka [at] Assoc
Thomas H. Gnaupel-Herold thomas.gnaeupel-herold [at] Fed
Alexander Grutter alexander.grutter [at] Fed
Thomas Halloran thomas.halloran [at] Fed
Leland Harriger leland.harriger [at] Fed
Frank Heinrich frank.heinrich [at] Assoc
Joel Helton joel.helton [at] Fed
David Hoogerheide david.hoogerheide [at] Fed
Matthew Hudson matthew.r.hudson [at] Assoc
Robert Ivkov Assoc
Christopher Jensen christopher.jensen [at] Fed
Ronald L. Jones ronald.jones [at] Fed
William Kamitakahara william.kamitakahara [at] Assoc
Elizabeth Kelley elizabeth.kelley [at] Fed
Helen Kerch Fed
Paul Kienzle paul.kienzle [at] Fed
Hubert King hubert.king [at] Fed
Ryan Klein ryan.klein [at] Assoc
Miharu Koh miharu.koh [at] Assoc
Morgan Kramer morgan.kramer [at] Assoc
Susan Krueger susan.krueger [at] Assoc
Jeffery Krzywon jeffery.krzywon [at] Fed
Sylvia Lewin sylvia.lewin [at] Fed
Kai Liu Assoc
Yun Liu yun.liu [at] Fed
Jeffrey W. Lynn jeffrey.lynn [at] Fed
Charles F. Majkrzak charles.majkrzak [at] Fed
Yimin Mao yimin.mao [at] Assoc
Brian B. Maranville brian.maranville [at] Fed
Sougata Mardanya sougata.mardanya [at] IntlAssoc
Susana Marujo Teixeira susana.marujoteixeira [at] Assoc
Gavin McCarver gavin.mccarver [at] Fed
Kenneth Mineart Assoc
Megan Mitchell megan.mitchell [at] Fed
Hyun June Moon hyunjune.moon [at] IntlAssoc
Vincent Morano vincent.morano [at] Assoc
Merissa Morey merissa.morey [at] Assoc
Lily Motabar lily.n.motabar [at] Assoc
Ryan Murphy ryan.murphy [at] Fed
Michihiro Nagao michihiro.nagao [at] Assoc
Ryan Need ryan.need [at] Assoc
Dan A. Neumann dan.neumann [at] Fed
Johnpierre Paglione Assoc
Ryan Park ryan.park [at] Assoc
Ryan Park ryan.park [at] Assoc
Brian Paul brian.paul [at] Assoc
Kiet Pham kiet.pham [at] IntlAssoc
Minh Phan minhdinh.phan [at] Assoc
Siobhan Powers Assoc
Yiming Qiu yiming.qiu [at] Fed
William D. Ratcliff william.ratcliff [at] Fed
Timothy Reeder timothy.reeder [at] Assoc
Kelsi Rehmann kelsi.rehmann [at] Fed
James Rhyne james.rhyne [at] Assoc
Efrain Rodriguez efrain.rodriguez [at] Assoc
Jose A. Rodriguez jose.rodriguez [at] Assoc
Jack Rooks Assoc
Kenneth A. Rubinson kenneth.rubinson [at] Ctr
Shanta Saha Assoc
Kimia Samieinejad kimia.samieinejad [at] Fed
Sushil K. Satija sushil.satija [at] Fed
Gicela Saucedo Salas gicela.saucedosalas [at] IntlAssoc
Natalie Schwab natalie.schwab [at] Assoc
Ting Shan ting.shan [at] Assoc
Vitalii Silin Assoc
Saya Takeuchi saya.takeuchi [at] Assoc
Pappannan Thiyagarajan pappannan.thiyagarajan [at] Assoc
Benjamin Thompson benjamin.thompson [at] IntlAssoc
Madhusudan (Madhu) Tyagi madhusudan.tyagi [at] Assoc
Terrence J. Udovic terrence.udovic [at] Assoc
David J. Vanderah Assoc
Yegor Vekhov yegor.vekhov [at] Assoc
Norman Wagner Assoc
Justin Wang [at] Assoc
Katie Weigandt kathleen.weigandt [at] Fed
Michael Weinrich michael.weinrich [at] Assoc
Malia Wenny malia.wenny [at] Fed
Caitlyn Wolf caitlyn.wolf [at] Fed
David Worcester david.worcester [at] Assoc
Hui Wu hui.wu [at] Fed
Guangyong Xu guangyong.xu [at] Fed
Zhijun Xu zhijun.xu [at] Assoc
Qiang Ye [at] Assoc
Taner Yildirim taner.yildirim [at] Fed
Albert Young Assoc
Guangcui Yuan guangcui.yuan [at] Fed
Yang Zhao yang.zhao [at] Assoc
Wei Zhou wei.zhou [at] Fed

Reactor Operations and Engineering Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Thomas Newton Group Leader thomas.newton [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Daniel Abel Ctr
Brian Almeida brian.almeida [at] Fed
Robert Altobelli robert.altobelli [at] Fed
Scott Arneson scott.arneson [at] Fed
Lyndsey Ball lyndsey.ball [at] Fed
Christopher Bauman christopher.bauman [at] Fed
William Baynard william.baynard [at] Fed
Christopher Beach christopher.beach [at] Fed
Christopher P. Berg christopher.berg [at] Fed
Paul A. Bobik paul.bobik [at] Fed
Bianca Brillant bianca.brillant [at] Fed
Evan Bures evan.bures [at] Assoc
Jeff Burmeister jeff.burmeister [at] Fed
Joshua Campbell joshua.campbell [at] Fed
Dominic Carattini dominic.carattini [at] Fed
Osman Celikten osman.celikten [at] IntlAssoc
John-Paul Crosby Ctr
Brian Cruz Ctr
Michelle Dudley irene.dudley [at] Fed
Ashten Dyson ashten.dyson [at] Fed
James Farrell james.farrell [at] Fed
Todd L. Fitt todd.fitt [at] Fed
Daniel J. Flynn dan.flynn [at] Fed
Brandy Frie brandy.frie [at] Fed
Andrew Gahan andrew.gahan [at] Fed
Jeffrey Gardiner Ctr
David Griffin david.griffin [at] Fed
Anil Gurgen anil.gurgen [at] Assoc
Attila Halacsy attila.halacsy [at] Fed
Joseph Heider Ctr
Jon Hernandez jonathan.hernandez [at] Fed
David Hix david.hix [at] Fed
Jean Hu [at] Fed
Maxwell Jones maxwell.jones [at] Fed
John Jurns john.jurns [at] Ctr
Daniel C. Keyser daniel.keyser [at] Fed
Majeed D. Khan majeed.khan [at] Fed
Douglas Linn Ctr
Paul J. Liposky paul.liposky [at] Fed
Samuel J. MacDavid samuel.macdavid [at] Fed
Andrew Main andrew.main [at] Fed
Kevin Martin Ctr
Daniel Mattes daniel.mattes [at] Fed
John Merlo Ctr
Michael Middleton michael.middleton [at] Fed
Connor Miele connor.miele [at] Fed
David Montalvo david.montalvo [at] Fed
Nissim Navi nissim.navi [at] IntlAssoc
Robert Newby robert.newby [at] Fed
Thomas Newton thomas.newton [at] Fed
Ha Nguyen ha.nguyen [at] Fed
Ammi Potter Ctr
Scotty Roberts Ctr
David Ruesch Ctr
Jimyung Ryu jimyung.ryu [at] IntlCtr
Dagistan Sahin dagistan.sahin [at] Fed
Jacob Seiter jacob.seiter [at] Fed
Yaniv Shaposhnik yaniv.shaposhnik [at] IntlAssoc
Nelay Sharma nelay.sharma [at] Assoc
Joy Shen joy.shen [at] Fed
Scott G. Slaughter scott.slaughter [at] Fed
Daniil Sokol daniil.sokol [at] Fed
Randolph Strader randolph.strader [at] Fed
James Syphard Ctr
Jeffrey Trossen jeffrey.trossen [at] Ctr
Andrew Vodopija andrew.vodopija [at] Fed
Breken Wallar breken.wallar [at] Assoc
Abdullah Weiss abdullah.weiss [at] Fed
James Whipple james.whipple [at] Fed
Tia Williams tia.williams [at] Fed
Christopher Wohlford christopher.wohlford [at] Fed
Brian Wright brian.wright [at] Fed
Majd Zaker majd.zaker [at] Fed

NIST Center for Neutron Research - HQ

Name Email Staff type
James M. Adams james.adams [at] Fed
Ayesha Ahmed ayesha.ahmed [at] Fed
Debra Binkley debra.binkley [at] Fed
Tiaira Brooks tiaira.brooks [at] Fed
Tayelor Brown tayelor.brown [at] Fed
Susan Burge susan.burge [at] Fed
Tanya Burke tanya.burke [at] Fed
Jessie Burton jessie.burton [at] Fed
Ronald Cappelletti ronald.cappelletti [at] Assoc
David Cislo Ctr
Keith A. Consani keith.consani [at] Fed
N'Dea Crenshaw ndea.crenshaw [at] Fed
Steven Dewey steven.dewey [at] Fed
David Diamond david.diamond [at] Assoc
Jesse Ewing jesse.ewing [at] Fed
Mary Ann M FitzGerald maryann.fitzgerald [at] Fed
Dayana Fuentes-Martinez dayana.fuentes-martinez [at] Fed
Peter M. Gehring peter.gehring [at] Fed
Dustin Gilbert dustin.gilbert [at] Assoc
Anthony Gomez anthony.gomez [at] Fed
Mitiku Kelkay mitiku.kelkay [at] Fed
Julie A. Keyser julie.keyser [at] Fed
Siddharth Khosla siddharth.khosla [at] Fed
Steven R. Kline steven.kline [at] Fed
Przemek Klosowski przemek.klosowski [at] Fed
Jaseung Koo jaseung.koo [at] IntlAssoc
Shane Lindemann shane.lindemann [at] Fed
Richard Livingston richard.livingston [at] Assoc
Don Lopez don.lopez [at] Fed
Miranda Lorenzo miranda.lorenzo [at] Assoc
Timothy Mengers timothy.mengers [at] Fed
Monyelle H. Mingo monyelle.mingo [at] Fed
Alan Munter alan.munter [at] Fed
Rebecca (Becky) M. Ogg rebecca.ogg [at] Fed
Logan Poulos logan.poulos [at] Fed
Bryan Remley bryan.remley [at] Fed
Ingrid Santiago Maldonado ingrid.santiagomaldonado [at] Fed
Erica Shurland erica.shurland [at] Fed
Andrea Szakal andrea.szakal [at] Fed
Austin Taylor patrick.taylor [at] Fed
Avery Walton avery.walton [at] Fed
Alison Wang [at] Assoc