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Materials and Structural Systems Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Aron Newman Division Chief aron.newman [at] Fed
Terri McAllister Deputy Division Chief therese.mcallister [at] Fed
Lipiin Sung Division Safety Representative li-piin.sung [at] Fed
Gwynaeth Broome Division Secretary gwynaeth.broome [at] Fed
Marissa Adriaenssens Administrative Assistant marissa.adriaenssens [at] Fed

Community Resilience Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jennifer Helgeson Group Leader (Acting) jennifer.helgeson [at] Fed
Gwynaeth Broome Group Secretary gwynaeth.broome [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
John Allen Assoc
Kelly Anderson kelly.anderson [at] Assoc
Michele Barbato Assoc
Christopher Clavin christopher.clavin [at] Fed
Shane Crawford patrick.crawford [at] Fed
Maria Dillard maria.dillard [at] Fed
Tasnim Ibn Faiz tasnimibn.faiz [at] Assoc
Zeinab Farahmandfar zeinab.farahmandfar [at] Assoc
Michael Gerst michael.gerst [at] Fed
Donghwan Gu [at] Assoc
Kenneth Harrison kenneth.harrison [at] Fed
Emina Herovic emina.herovic [at] Fed
William Hughes [at] Fed
Thomas Kirsch thomas.kirsch [at] Assoc
Kenneth Kunkel Assoc
Ning Lin Assoc
Jenea Lyles jenea.lyles [at] Assoc
Terri McAllister therese.mcallister [at] Fed
Dylan Sanderson dylan.sanderson [at] Fed
Natanel Solomonov natanel.solomonov [at] Assoc
Mari Tye Assoc

Earthquake Engineering Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Siamak Sattar Group Leader (Acting) siamak.sattar [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Fikret Atalay Assoc
Jitendra Bhatta jitendra.bhatta [at] IntlAssoc
Sergio Brena Assoc
Dustin Cook dustin.cook [at] Fed
Jazalyn Dukes jazalyn.dukes [at] Fed
Mohammed Eladly mohammed.eladly [at] IntlAssoc
Ebonee Fitzgerald ebonee.fitzgerald [at] Fed
Helen Gall helen.gall [at] Assoc
Wassim Ghannoum Assoc
Mohammadamin Hariri Ardebili mohammadamin.haririardebili [at] Assoc
Evelio Horta Assoc
John Huntoon Assoc
Katherine Johnson katherine.johnson [at] Fed
In Sung Kim Assoc
Sarah Lehrman sarah.lehrman [at] Assoc
David Mar Assoc
Arpit Nema arpit.nema [at] IntlAssoc
Sissy Nikolaou aspasia.nikolaou [at] Fed
Siamak Sattar siamak.sattar [at] Fed
Jonathan Schmidt [at] Assoc
Christopher Segura christopher.segura [at] Fed
Amanpreet Singh amanpreet.singh [at] IntlAssoc
Amanpreet Singh amanpreet.singh [at] IntlAssoc
Matthew Speicher matthew.speicher [at] Fed
Angelos Tsatsis IntlAssoc
Kevin K F Wong kevin.wong [at] Fed
Yating Zhang yating.zhang [at] IntlAssoc

Infrastructure Materials Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Xiaohong Gu Group Leader (Acting) [at] Fed
Jeremy Graham Group Secretary jeremy.graham [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Ashlee Aiello ashlee.aiello [at] Fed
Julie Aleiner julie.aleiner [at] Assoc
James Alzona james.alzona [at] Assoc
Neal Berke neal.berke [at] Assoc
Ashley Carey ashley.carey [at] Fed
Varadraj Chavan varadraj.chavan [at] Assoc
Andrew Chen andrew.chen [at] Assoc
Rachel Cook rachel.cook [at] Fed
Patrick Dixon patrick.dixon [at] Fed
Gavin Donley gavin.donley [at] Fed
Steven Evans Ctr
Samantha Farren samantha.farren [at] Assoc
David Goodwin david.goodwin [at] Fed
Jeremy Graham jeremy.graham [at] Fed
Xiaohong Gu [at] Fed
Hsiuchin Huang hsiuchin.huang [at] Assoc
Donald L. Hunston donald.hunston [at] Assoc
Olajide Ipindola olajide.ipindola [at] IntlAssoc
Olajide Ipindola olajide.ipindola [at] IntlAssoc
Benjamin Johnsson benjamin.johnsson [at] Assoc
Scott Jones scott.jones [at] Fed
Ying Tung Kuo yingtung.kuo [at] IntlAssoc
Zelin Li [at] IntlAssoc
Nicos Martys nicos.martys [at] Fed
Chase McCallum chase.mccallum [at] Fed
Michael Mengason michael.mengason [at] Fed
Stefan Mitterhofer stefan.mitterhofer [at] IntlAssoc
Tesfaye Moges tesfayemolalign.moges [at] Assoc
Shawn Platt shawn.platt [at] Fed
Sara Rostampour sara.rostampour [at] Assoc
Janeice Smith janeice.smith [at] Fed
Lina Stensland jacqueline.stensland [at] Assoc
Cody Strack cody.strack [at] Fed
Paul E. Stutzman paul.stutzman [at] Fed
Lipiin Sung li-piin.sung [at] Fed
Jessica Wang [at] Assoc
Stephanie S. Watson stephanie.watson [at] Fed

Materials and Structural Systems - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Aser Abbas IntlAssoc
Aser Abbas IntlAssoc
Taylor Avery taylor.avery [at] Fed
Glenn Bell glenn.bell [at] Fed
Judy Bowie judy.bowie [at] Fed
Jonathan Bray jonathan.bray [at] Assoc
Gwynaeth Broome gwynaeth.broome [at] Fed
Dan Brown dan.brown [at] Assoc
Tanya Brown-Giammanco tanya.brown-giammanco [at] Fed
Noelle Crump noelle.crump [at] Fed
Alexandra Dewey alexandra.dewey [at] Fed
Colin Eason colin.eason [at] Fed
Richard Eason richard.eason [at] Fed
Tina M. Faecke tina.faecke [at] Fed
Ronald Fisher ronald.fisher [at] Assoc
James Frost james.frost [at] Assoc
Nazife Ganapati nazife.ganapati [at] Assoc
James Harris james.r.harris [at] Assoc
John Harris john.harris [at] Fed
Shawn Harris shawn.harris [at] Fed
Youssef Hashash youssef.hashash [at] Assoc
Kenneth Hover kenneth.hover [at] Fed
Timothy Jacob timothy.jacob [at] Assoc
Deborah Jacobs debbie.jacobs [at] Fed
Karissa Jensen karissa.jensen [at] Fed
Gerard Lemson gerard.lemson [at] Assoc
John Lieberman Fed
Sorin Marcu sorin.marcu [at] Fed
Steven McCabe steven.mccabe [at] Fed
Judith Mitrani-Reiser judith.mitrani-reiser [at] Fed
Arik Mitschang arik.mitschang [at] Assoc
Jack Moehle jack.moehle [at] Fed
Aron Newman aron.newman [at] Fed
Tomoya Ohno tommy.ohno [at] Fed
Andrea Ramos andrea.ramos [at] Assoc
Keith Revell keith.revell [at] Assoc
Thomas Russo thomas.russo [at] Fed
Kenneth A. Snyder kenneth.snyder [at] Fed
Kaila Witkowski kaila.witkowski [at] Assoc

Structures Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Long Phan Group Leader long.phan [at] Fed
LeeAnn Ginsburg Group Secretary leeann.ginsburg [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Malcolm Ammons malcolm.ammons [at] Fed
Luis Aponte-Bermudez luis.aponte-bermudez [at] Assoc
Yihai Bao yihai.bao [at] Assoc
Silvia Brown silvia.brown [at] Assoc
Dereka Carroll-Smith dereka.carroll-smith [at] Assoc
Nicholas de Toledo nicholas.detoledo [at] Assoc
Timothy Fowler timothy.fowler [at] Assoc
LeeAnn Ginsburg leeann.ginsburg [at] Fed
Majd Hijazi majd.hijazi [at] Assoc
Yunjae Hwang yunjae.hwang [at] IntlAssoc
Marc Levitan marc.levitan [at] Fed
Kevin Ly [at] Assoc
Joseph Main joseph.main [at] Fed
Josiah Main josiah.main [at] Assoc
Nathan McKinney nathan.mckinney [at] Fed
Mohammed Morovat mohammed.morovat [at] Assoc
Long Phan long.phan [at] Fed
Brian Phillips Assoc
Daniel Rhee daniel.rhee [at] Fed
Fahim H. Sadek fahim.sadek [at] Fed
Pataya Scott pataya.scott [at] Fed
Katherine Tang katherine.tang [at] Assoc
Nelson Tucker nelson.tucker [at] Assoc
Juan Virella juan.virella [at] Ctr
Jonathan Weigand jonathan.weigand [at] Fed
DongHun Yeo donghun.yeo [at] Fed
DongHun Yeo donghun.yeo [at] Fed
Camila Young camila.young [at] Fed