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Structures Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Long Phan Group Leader long.phan [at] Fed
LeeAnn Ginsburg Group Secretary leeann.ginsburg [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Malcolm Ammons malcolm.ammons [at] Fed
Luis Aponte-Bermudez luis.aponte-bermudez [at] Assoc
Yihai Bao yihai.bao [at] Assoc
Dereka Carroll-Smith dereka.carroll-smith [at] Assoc
Nicholas de Toledo nicholas.detoledo [at] Assoc
Timothy Fowler timothy.fowler [at] Assoc
LeeAnn Ginsburg leeann.ginsburg [at] Fed
Majd Hijazi majd.hijazi [at] Assoc
Yunjae Hwang yunjae.hwang [at] IntlAssoc
Marc Levitan marc.levitan [at] Fed
Joseph Main joseph.main [at] Fed
Nathan McKinney nathan.mckinney [at] Fed
Mohammed Morovat mohammed.morovat [at] Assoc
Long Phan long.phan [at] Fed
Brian Phillips Assoc
Daniel Rhee daniel.rhee [at] Fed
Fahim H. Sadek fahim.sadek [at] Fed
Pataya Scott pataya.scott [at] Fed
Nelson Tucker nelson.tucker [at] Assoc
Juan Virella juan.virella [at] Ctr
Jonathan Weigand jonathan.weigand [at] Fed
DongHun Yeo donghun.yeo [at] Fed
DongHun Yeo donghun.yeo [at] Fed
Camila Young camila.young [at] Fed