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Infrastructure Materials Group

The Infrastructure Materials Group conducts research to predict performance of conventional and innovative materials, components, and systems composing US buildings and infrastructure throughout the service life by developing a fundamental understanding of the performance properties and the degradation mechanisms when exposed to intended (real world) or accelerated (laboratory) loading environments.

Standard Reference Materials

Portland Cement Clinker

Standard Reference Materials (SRMs®) are paramount for instrument calibration and verification to measure the properties of cementitious materials. In addition, they are used in the development of test methods and for performance verification of laboratories using standardized test methods.

The Infrastructure Materials group is very active in developing and maintaining SRMs. A list of SRMs resulting from their efforts are provided here, with detailed information found at the Standard Reference website :

  • SRM 114q and SRM 46h: Fineness of cement powder by ASTM and AASHTO methods
  • SRMs 2492, 2493 and 2497: series of Bingham fluids used to measure calibrate rotational rheometers designated for paste, mortar and concrete. (2492, and 2493 are available, 2497 will be available soon)
  • SRMs 2686a, 2687, and 2688, portland cement clinker for phase abundance.

In addition, IMG is strongly involved in ASTM and AASHTO to champion standard test methods. A list of the test methods is provided here.

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