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Infrastructure Materials Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Aron Newman Group Leader aron.newman [at] Fed
Jeremy Graham Group Secretary jeremy.graham [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Ashlee Aiello ashlee.aiello [at] Fed
Neal Berke neal.berke [at] Assoc
Ashley Carey ashley.carey [at] Fed
Andrew Chen andrew.chen [at] Assoc
Rachel Cook rachel.cook [at] Fed
Patrick Dixon patrick.dixon [at] Fed
Gavin Donley gavin.donley [at] Assoc
Richard Eason richard.eason [at] Fed
Steven Evans Ctr
David Goodwin david.goodwin [at] Fed
Jeremy Graham jeremy.graham [at] Fed
Xiaohong Gu [at] Fed
Shawn Harris shawn.harris [at] Fed
Donald L. Hunston donald.hunston [at] Assoc
Olajide Ipindola olajide.ipindola [at] IntlAssoc
Deborah Jacobs debbie.jacobs [at] Fed
Karissa Jensen karissa.jensen [at] Fed
Scott Jones scott.jones [at] Fed
Ying Tung Kuo yingtung.kuo [at] IntlAssoc
Nicos Martys nicos.martys [at] Fed
Chase McCallum chase.mccallum [at] Fed
Michael Mengason michael.mengason [at] Assoc
Stefan Mitterhofer stefan.mitterhofer [at] IntlAssoc
Tesfaye Moges tesfayemolalign.moges [at] Assoc
Aron Newman aron.newman [at] Fed
Shawn Platt shawn.platt [at] Fed
Sara Rostampour sara.rostampour [at] Assoc
Cody Strack cody.strack [at] Fed
Paul E. Stutzman paul.stutzman [at] Fed
Lipiin Sung li-piin.sung [at] Fed
Stephanie S. Watson stephanie.watson [at] Fed