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Sample Mounting Stages

Sample mounting tables for SANS

Two different styles of sample mounting tables are available for SANS experiments, depending on the instrument used. The CHRNS 30-m, nSOFT 10-m, and NG7 SANS instruments have two mounting tables available similar to the image to the right. Standard sample holders and smaller environments are mounted to a linear translation stage inside a chamber that can be evacuated. Larger equipment can be mounted to the sample table. The CHRNS vSANS and CHRNS USANS instruments have a sample table similar to the other SANS instruments but instead of a vacuum chamber the instruments have a linear translation stage that can mount directly on top of the large table.

The sample chambers are typically used for multi-sample changers and other smaller equipment, such as the humidity chamber, and LIPSS pressure cell. The sample chambers can be evacuated or filled with dry gas, if desired. A lab jack with a bolt pattern for 1/4-20 screws, in a 2.54 cm x 2.54 cm (1.00 in x 1.00 in) square pattern, is mounted to the computer-controlled linear translation stage and a small computer-controlled rotation stage is available as a stand alone device or to rotate single-sample holders.

Huber table mounting plate
Each of the sample tables for larger equipment has a rotation stage and linear translation stage. The CHRNS 30-m, CHRNS vSANS, NG7 instruments have vertical translation stages for adjusting the sample height. The vSANS stage can travel a total of 2.54 cm (1.00 in) and the NG7 and CHRNS 30-m instruments can travel 12.7 cm (5.00 in). The nSoft 10-m and CHRNS USANS instruments use spacer plates in 3.18 mm (0.125 in) steps to adjust the height of the sample relative to the beam. All of the sample tables have a similar top plate with multiple bolt patterns for securing equipment to the table. A diagram of the top plate is shown to the left and a PDF of the drawing is also available. The tables, translation stages, and rotation stages are all rated to hold 900 kg (2000 lb).
Created November 7, 2018, Updated November 15, 2019