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BNL Furnace

The Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) Furnace is primarily a vacuum furnace; nevertheless, it can also be reconfigured to run in air or an inert gas. The main disadvantage of running the BNL Furnace in a gas atmosphere is the maximum temperature limitation imposed by its lack of cooling. This system is more robust than the other general use furnace (F-1600C), but has a lower maximum temperature.

BNL Furnace Schematic (49K)

Sample Geometry
Sample Holder Multiple Copper Posts (see below)
Sample Access In Plane 350o
Sample Access Out of Plane +20o
Maximum Sample Diameter 7.6 cm (3.0 inches)
Maximum Sample Height 3.5 cm (8.9 cm)
Furnace Properties
Temperature Range 200 - 600oC
Temperature Sensors K type thermocouples
*Click Here for Sample Mounting Info*

General Description

Sample Preparation

Experiment Planning

    • Sample visibility of 350o in scattering plane, 20o out of plane
    • Irradiative heating via a cylindrical element driven by a high voltage AC power
    • Active Heating/Sample Zone : 6.5 cm diameter x 8.5 cm length
    • Interlocked alarm system for pressure, and temperature
    • Pressure relief valve rated to 10 psi has been installed in the system
    • Sample Temperature Stability: +1oC at 600oC
    • Sample Holders: A user designed (NIST assistance is available) sample holder compatible with our probes is required. There are two possible sample mounts: A �" diameter copper post with either a �-20 female thread or a M4-0.7 male thread; and a copper base designed to fit our single-crystal sample cans. Ventilated (i.e. non-pressure building) crucible-type holders made of niobium or platinum are ideal; however, special sample mounts can be designed. Any sealed sample holder must be tested off-line at the maximum desired temperature before loading into the furnace to ensure that an over-pressure burst will not occur on the beam line.
    • Sample Geometry:
      • Note that the beam center is 152.4 cm (6 inches) above the bottom of the furnace, and the standard mounting post height is 3.5 cm (1 3/8 inches) from the center of the beam.
      • Any Cd masking MUST be done on the outside of the furnace
    • Plan ahead. At a minimum it will take 2 hours for the sample to reach 600oC.
    • Leave time at the end of the experiment to allow the sample cell to cool in order to open the vessel.
    • Design the experiment with proper sample mounting and ultimate sample temperature requirements in mind.
Created November 22, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019