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This 7T vertical field magnet system has no persistent switch. There are two options for inserts: a top loading CCR insert (4K-600K) and a bottom loading 3He insert.

Magnet Properties
Max Field 7 T
Current at 7 T 89.97 A
Field Calibration 0.0778 T/Amp
Magnet Resistance at 77K 80.4 ohms
Magnet Cool Down Info
LN2 Pre-Cool Time 1 Hr.
LHe Cool Time 1 Hr.
LHe Consumption ~70 L.
Insert Comparison
Insert Temp. Range Sample Space Atmosphere Prep. Time
(to 4K in magnet)
Sample Change
(Time to 4K)
TL-CCR 4 - 600K Helium Gas 6 hours 2 hour Drawing
3He insert 300mK - 300K Vacuum
(below 4K & above 20K)
2 hours 4 hours Drawing

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Created June 6, 2017, Updated March 23, 2020