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SANS Equipment

Standard Sample Holders

Demountable Titanium Cell Thumbnail

Demountable Titanium Cells

The SANS demountable cells have fixed path lengths of 1 mm, 2 mm, and 4 mm.  '0 mm' path length cells with no fixed spacing are available for non-fluid samples.
Quartz Banjo style cell thumbnail

Quartz 'Banjo' Cells

Commercially available cells with fixed path lengths of 1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm. Aluminum holders are available for use in sample changers.

Sample Spaces

Sample mounting tables for SANS

Sample Mounting Stage

A circular sample table, for mounting large equipment, is available at each of the SANS instruments. A linear translation stage is available at all instruments, but the mounting of the slide varies from instrument-to-instrument.

Multiple Position Sample Changers

10 Position Cooling Block (10CB) Thumbnail

6-Position (6CB) and 10-Position Heating/Cooling Block (10CB)

The 10CB uses circulating fluid to heat and cool the sample stage and can hold 10 samples.
9 Position Cooling Block (9CB) Thumbnail

9-Position Peltier-Driven Heating/Cooling Block (9CB)

The 9CB is a commercially available system using thermo-electric heaters to dive temperature changes. Three temperature zones are available, each with three sample positions.
9 Position Sample Changer (9P) Thumbnail

9-Position Sample Changer (9P)

The 9 sample holder has no temperature control, but also has no window material in the beam path, offering lower background as compared to other holders.
7 Position Heating Block (7HB) Thumbnail

7-Position Heating Block (7HB)

The 7HB uses heater cartridges to heat the 7 position sample block. No active cooling is available for the changer.
Rotating Cell Holder Thumbnail

4/6-Position Rotating Cell Holder (4R, 6R)

The SANS rotational cells tumble the sample cells to prevent precipitate settling during the SANS measurement. 4 and 6 position mounts are available.
5 Position Magnet Sample Changer Thumbnail

5-Position Vertically Driven Sample Changer

This vertically driven sample changer is most often used to hold up to 5 samples in one of our electromagnets.

Rheological and Shear Devices

Rheometer Thumbnail

RheoSANS Devices (Rheo)

Rheometers are available to simultaneously probe the shear rheology and micro-structure of samples using SANS.
1,2-Plane Shear Cell Thumbnail

1,2-Plane Shear Cell (12SC)

An on-end shear cell is available to probe the micro-structure in the 1,2 shearing plane.

Magnetic Field Control

SANS Electromagnet Thumbnail

Horizontal Field Electromagnets (HM1, HM2, Titan, LRM)

A series of horizontal field electromagnets are available for use. Magnet options include one with a low-stray field for polarized beam measurements, one with a magnetic field above 2T, and one with a hollowed out bore for a different magnetic field orientation.
9T Superconducting Magnet Thumbnail

9T Horizontal-Field Superconducting Magnet (SCM9T)

The 9T horizontal-field superconducting magnet has a temperature range from room temperature down to 2.0K, and can operate in transverse and longitudinal orientations.

Other Environment Control

SANS Humidity Cell Thumbnail

Humidity Control (HC)

The SANS humidity chamber offers Rh from 5% to 95% and temperature from 5 °C to 95 °C.

HP-BioSANS pressure cell

A replacement for the previous generation SANS pressure cell, the PMI pressure cell is designed to study biological materials under pressure.
SANS Furnace Thumbnail

600K Furnace (FUR)

The SANS furnace can heat a sample up to 450 °C.

Under Development


A channel flow-cell capable of generating shear rates in excess of 106.

Dielectric RheoSANS

A rheometer for simultaneously measuring dielectric, rheological, and microstructural (via SANS) properties of materials.

Vapor Flow Cell

Using mass flow controllers, the mixture ratio of two gases can be set to control the vapor ambient environment at the sample.
Created November 7, 2017, Updated December 21, 2020