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This is a horizontal field superconducting magnet fitted with SANS windows leading to the sample location from four sides. The B field can be parallel or transverse to the neutron beam direction.


Cryostat Drawing Sample Stick Drawing
Magnet Properties
Max Field 9 T
Current at 9 T 118.9 Amps
Field Calibration 0.07565 T/Amp
Max Ramp Rate 0.18 A/s
Persistence Switch Voltage 2.2 V
Cryostat Properties
LN 2 Capacity 26L
LHe Capacity 23.5L
Static LHe Boil-off 0.33 L/hr
Sample Temp. Range 2.0 - 300K
Cool Down Info
LN 2 Pre-Cool Time 24 hrs.
LHe Cool Time 2 Hrs.
LHe Consumption 100 L

SANS Window Information

This magnet's tail set contains SANS windows that greatly decrease small angle neutron scattering to and from the sample when compared to a normal aluminum tail set. One set of windows is aligned through the bore of the magnet (along the field) and the other through the split (perpendicular to the field). Neutron access to sample for a 25mm distributed sample volume is +/-5 o along the bore or +/-3 o along the split. Contact a SANS scientist for information on small angle neutron scattering and related experiments.

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Created June 6, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019