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ICE Dil Fridge

DICEVT dilution refrigerator was developed by ICEoxford Ltd. The cooling power was measured to be 23 microW at 100mK. This fridge needs to be operated by a qualified user. It can be used in ICE orange cryostat ,10T cryogen free superconducting magnet, HFBS Orange Cryostat and 70mm Orange Cryostat with special fittings. It allows base temperatures down to 60 mK. Sample mounting must be done at least one day before the start of an experiment by a member of the sample environment staff. Low temperature control is achieved using the dilution fridge. For temperatures above 1.5 Kelvin, exchange gas is added to the dilution fridge insert and temperature is controlled through the VTI (either the orange cryostat or 10T Lemon). This insert includes a capillary feedthrough for gas loading capability, but these experiments require additional preparation time. Please contact a member of the sample environment staff during the planning of your experiment.


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Created November 22, 2017, Updated April 1, 2020