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SANS Vessel

SANS Low Temperature Vessel for Powders

SANS Sapphire Window Cell

SANS Low temperature Vessel for Powders

This vessel was manufactured using BeCu for the main vessel body and components. Sapphire windows allow for a neutron optical sight through the center of the sample position. The vessel is used in conjunction with a low temperature closed cycle refrigerator (CCR) equipped with a tail set with SiO2 windows. The total sample volume is 2.2 cm3; nevertheless, an effective neutron beam cross-section area of 0.3 cm2 and a neutron beam divergence of 15 degrees must be taken into consideration when designing an experiment.

More Information:

  • Contact: juscelino.leao [at] (Juscelino Leao)
Created November 22, 2017, Updated March 25, 2020