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The equipment is separated into general categories by function. To find more information select one of the categories below and then select the specific piece of equipment you are interested in.

* Range covered by one type of equipment is not necessarily covered by one single piece of equipment.
Type Temperature Range * Other *
Closed Cycle Refrigerators 4 - 800K Gas Handling
High Voltage (0 - 6KV)
Liquid Helium Cryostats 1.4 - 300K High Pressure
Gas Handling
Superconducting Magnets 0.05 - 300K Vertical Magnetic Field (0 - 15T)
Horizontal Magnetic Field (0 - 9T)
Below 1K Inserts 0.05 - 300K  
Furnaces 200 - 1600C  
High Pressure 4 - 300K Pressure (0 - 2.5 GPa)
Gas Loading 300K Inert Gases


  • For Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) experiments see the SANS sample environment page.
  • Below is a table which can help you determine which equipment is the best for your experiment. Please discuss with sample environment team members if you have any questions or concerns.
Device/Specs Contacts 50mK-1.5K 1.5K-4K 4K-15K 15K-300K 300K-600K 600K-800K 800K-1800K B Field 0-68.95MPa 68.95MPa
BLCCR in 3T Magnet Tanya Dax           0-3T                        
BLCCR low T high power Tanya Dax                      
BLCCR low T low power Tanya Dax                    
BLCCR high T high power Tanya Dax                    
TLCCR Tanya Dax                        
Orange Cryostat (ILL) Yegor Vekhov                    
Dil fridge insert with ILL Yegor Vekhov                    
Dil fridge insert with 10T Qiang(Alan)Ye       0-10T     Difficult
Dil fridge insert with 15T Qiang(Alan)Ye       0-15T
BT7 only
3He "Big Blue" Cryostat Qiang(Alan)Ye 400mK-1.5K                        
3He Dipper & 70mm ILL Sergiy Gladchenko 300mK-1.5K                  
3He Dipper with 7T Sergiy Gladchenko 300mK-1.5K       0-7T                    
7T with TLCCR Sergiy Gladchenko
Tanya Dax
          0-7T 0-0.65 MPa                  
9T magnet Qiang (Alan) Ye         0-9T
& longitudinal
10T with 1Kstick Qiang (Alan) Ye   up to 500K     0-10T     Difficult
11T magnet Sergiy Gladchenko         0-11T     Difficult
15T with 1Kstick Qiang (Alan) Ye         0-15T
BT7 only
BNL Furnace Juscelino Leao         200-600C                              
HFBS 1400 C Furnace Juscelino Leao         800-1673K                            
1600 C Furnace Juscelino Leao         800-1873K                            
Syringe Pump with CCR Juscelino Leao                      
Pressure Cell with TLCCR Juscelino Leao                                
Pressure Cell with ILL Juscelino Leao                                
Created June 6, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019