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The DCS Orange Cryostat is designed with a special tail set and body to work with the DCS instrument. There are two identical DCS cryostats available for use at the NCNR. They have 70mm sample well diameters and a body length which makes the top of the cryostat easily accessible from the main floor at the top of the DCS pit.

Useful Dimensions (approximate)
System DCS
A 1358
B 170
C 353
D 325
E 1010
F 263
G 1330
System Preparation
Pump out Vacuum Jacket > 2 hrs.
LHe Fill ~30 min. / ~30 L
Cooldown to Base Temp. ~2 hrs.
*Click Here for Sample Mounting Info*

Other Capabilities

The capabilities stated so far have been for operation in the standard setup. When using a special setup these capabilities may change, however, many special setups have been used with success. Some of these include: gas handling, transport measurements, high pressure, etc. Any special setups should be discussed with the sample environment staff before being scheduled.

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Created November 21, 2017, Updated March 23, 2020