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Including equations and greek symbols in proposals

The proposal form is in html. Greek letters and other symbols can be included as combinations of characters. You may find these easily on the Web. Simple equations can be constructed by using these symbols. The description of proposed research text box assumes preformatted text, unless you indicate otherwise.

An alternative way to include an equation in your proposal text is to make an image of it (.jpg, .gif, or .png), and then to place an html reference to the image in the text. The image itself must reside on a publicly accessible location on your Web server.


  1. Try:
    • α²+&beta²= γ²
      to give
    • α² + β² = γ²
  2. Try:
    • S(Q,&omega;)=A<sub>0</sub>(Q)&delta;(&omega;)+<font size="+2">&Sigma;</font>A<sub>k</sub>(Q)(1/&pi;) (&tau;<sub>k</sub>/(1.+&omega;&sup2;&tau;<sub>k</sub>&sup2;)
      to give:
    • S(Q,ω)=A0(Q)δ(ω)+ΣAk(Q)(1/π) (τk/(1.+ω²τk²)
  3. Try:
Created October 17, 2017, Updated June 2, 2021