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Center Office Staff

NCNR Center Office Staff Directory

Robert Dimeo, Director301-975-6210
Melissa Zeltman301-975-6210
Tom Newton, Deputy Director301-975-6260
Lori Guariglia301-975-2054
Ronald Cappelletti301-975-6221
Peter Gehring301-975-3946
Bill Kamitakahara301-975-6878
J. Michael Rowe301-975-6231
John Rush301-975-6231
Michael Moore, Senior Management Advisor301-975-5106
Tanya Burke301-975-4177
Christine Groff301-975-5831
Dona Hanak301-975-5652
Health Physics 
David Brown301-975-5814
Timothy Barvitskie301-975-4990
Lilian Cassells301-975-3762
Keith Consani301-975-5812
Thomas Johnston301-975-5815
Mitiku Kelkay301-975-5894
Bryan Remley301-975-6258
Frank Scarano301-975-5811
Marcus Schwaderer301-975-5816
James Tracy301-975-5806
Avery Walton301-975-5809
IT Support 
Przemek Klosowski301-975-6249
Siddharth Khosla301-975-4640
Don Lopez301-975-6576
Alan Munter301-975-6244
Safety Office 
Kimberly Tomasi301-975-4533
Polly McCarty301-975-4259
User Office 
Julie Keyser301-975-8368
Mary Ann FitzGerald301-975-5666
Becky Ogg301-975-4997


Created August 25, 2009, Updated September 21, 2016