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BBD PREP Opportunities

About the Program

Created by NIST Boulder in 1991, the Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) is designed to provide valuable laboratory experience and financial assistance to undergraduates, post-bachelor’s degree holders, graduate students, master’s degree holders, postdocs, and faculty.  The program is intended to assure continued growth and progress of a highly skilled science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) workforce in the United States.

PREP is a 5-year cooperative agreement between NIST laboratories and participating PREP Universities to establish a collaborative research relationship between NIST and U.S. institutions of higher education in the following disciplines including (but may not be limited to) biochemistry, biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, engineering, electronics, materials science, mathematics, nanoscale science, neutron science, physical science, physics, and statistics.

Biomarker and Genomics Sciences Group
No open positions at this time

Biomaterials Group

Position Title:  Postdoc
Position Description: This project aims to develop novel approaches to evaluate cell count, cell viability, and cell health based on optofluidic kinetic cytometry and complementary automation, microscopy, and advanced cell analysis techniques.  This project is directly applicable to the development and characterization of cell-based therapies and will advance measurement capabilities critical for the success of these novel therapeutics.
Contact: Sumona Sarkar (

Cell Systems Science Group

Position Title:  Postdoc
Position Description: In vitro and acellular assays can play an important role in determining the biocompatibility of biomedical products such as dental materials.  This postdoctoral opportunity will feature comprehensive examination of in vitro or other assays relevant to the biocompatibility of dental materials to improve the repeatability, comparability and interlaboratory agreement of the assay results.
Contact: Elijah Petersen (

Cellular Engineering Group

Position Title: Postdoc
Position Description: We are particularly interested in candidates interested in large-scale genotype-phenotype measurements (see example here) or machine-learning approaches to extract useful knowledge from those types of measurements.
Contact: David Ross( or Elizabeth Strychalski (

Complex Microbial Systems Group
No open positions at this time

Created January 26, 2021, Updated March 3, 2021