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Proprietary Fingerprint Template (PFT) III

Test Results | Mailing List | Test Plan (PDF)  and API


Proprietary Fingerprint Template (PFT) III is a fingerprint technology evaluation exploring the performance and accuracy of proprietary fingerprint templates as used in one-to-one matching. Proprietary templates are a type of file that stores the features of a fingerprint in a way that can only understood by the file's creator. This is contrast to a standardized fingerprint template, which can be understood by any standards-compliant technology, as evaluated by NIST's MINEX Program. Proprietary templates can also be used in one-to-many matching, as evaluated in NIST's FpVTE Program.


  1. Fill out the request for the dataset agreement to receive the validation dataset.
  2. Sign, pft [at] (e-mail a scanned copy), and postal mail the original signed evaluation agreement to NIST. If provided, please include the delivery tracking numbers when e-mailing your scanned agreement. Both an e-mail scanned copy and physical hard copy are required.
  3. Wrap your algorithm in the PFT III application programming interface (API), and build it as a shared library.
  4. Follow the instructions in validation to ensure the output of your algorithm meets NIST's testing requirements.
  5. E-mail the signed and encrypted output of validation to the pft [at] (PFT team).


PFT III is the active, ongoing technology evaluation from NIST in support of one-to-one proprietary template matching. Previously, NIST conducted other one-to-one proprietary fingerprint template evaluations:


Created May 7, 2019, Updated September 30, 2021