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Biometric Consortium Conferences Presentations

2011 September 28th - Tampa, Florida

NIST Session - Intro - Mr. Michael Garris

IREX III Performance of 1:N Iris Recognition Algorithms - Mr. Patrick Grother

Quality Factors Affecting Iris Recognition - Ms. Elham Tabassi

Face Quality and Analysis Challenge - Dr. Jonathan Phillips

Developments in Latent Fingerprint Technologies - Mr. Vladimir Dyornychenko

ANSI/NIST Standard Update - Mr. Bradford Wing

Progress Towards a Voice Standard - Mr. Mark Przybocki

Fingerprint Image Compression Study - Mr. Shahram Orandi

Touch Interfaces & Paradigms for Mobile Devices and Latent Fingerprint Examiners - Ms. Mary Theofanos

Security and Privacy Challenges of Biometric Authentication for Online Transactions - Dr. Elaine Newton

Interoperability via Biometric Web Services - Mr. Kevin Mangold

2010 September 23rd - Tampa, Florida

Challenge Problems - Dr. Jonathon Phillips

Multi-Factor Authentication Initiatives - Mr. Michael D. Garris

Iris Biometrics in PIV - Dr. Patrick Grother

Many Faces of Iris Quality Iris Quality Calibration and Evaluation (IQCE) - Ms. Elham Tabassi

The Impact of the ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard - Mr. Brad Wing

Fingerprint Compression - Mr. Shahram Orandi

Biometric Web Services - Dr. Ross Micheals

Biometric Usability - Ms. Mary Theofanos and Mr. Brian Stanton

Latent Fingerprints - Mr. Michael Indovina

Face Recognition - Mr. George W. Quinn

2009 September 23rd - Tampa, Florida

The Need for Large Scale Biometric Testing - Dr. Patrick Grother

User Centered Design: a Case Study - Mr. Brian Stanton and Ms. Mary Theofanos (PPS format)

Overview of Latent Fingerprint Technologies - Mr. Michael Indovina

Overview of Rapid DNA Testing - Dr. Peter Vallone

Using Challenge Problems to Accelerate Biometric Technologies - Dr. Jonathon Phillips

Overview of Biometric Quality - Ms. Elham Tabassi

Evaluating the Performance of Biometric Matching Algorithms - Mr. Craig Watson

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Created December 14, 2010, Updated December 14, 2016