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Apprenticeship Subgroup


This subgroup is appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning more about how apprenticeships work in technology occupations; to understand the role of Federal, State and Local government in assisting and approving an apprenticeship; where there are existing programs; what the steps are to build a cybersecurity apprenticeship program; curriculum resources and education partners; the role of an intermediary, and much more. View the full Apprenticeship Subgroup Charter here.

To join this group, email to with the subject line: “Apprenticeship Subscribe”, and with your full name and email address in the body of the message. This group meets the fourth Friday of every month at 11:00 a.m., Eastern Time. 

Apprenticeship Subgroup Co-Chairs:  

NICE Jennifer Oddo
Credit: IBM

Jennifer Oddo 
Program Manager, External Workforce and Apprenticeship Initiatives, IBM

NICE Tony Bryan
Credit: CyberUp

Tony Bryan
Executive Director

Active Projects:

  • Comparative Analysis of Work Enhanced Learning Models - There are many approaches to create cybersecurity professionals. The team recognizes success in cybersecurity lies in being a scholar practitioner. A way is needed to describe the combination of book-smarts and keyboard-smarts. The team wishes to provide information, understanding and awareness of these programs.
  • Return on Investment - To develop strategies regarding the return on investment (ROI) calculators for cybersecurity apprenticeships throughout the United States.
  • Apprenticeship Ecosystem Integration & Scaling - The overall purpose is to identify the barriers that prevent growth of programs and develop strategies to overcome.


  • Developed the Landscape Tracker spreadsheet
  • Developed survey for membership to decide project initiatives

Active Programs:

  • Landscape tracker spreadsheet
Created March 14, 2018, Updated June 11, 2020