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Modernize Talent Management Working Group


This Working Group will focus on the NICE Strategic Plan goal to Modernize the Talent Management Process to Address Cybersecurity Skills Gaps.  The group will conduct an ongoing environmental scan of programs, projects, and initiatives related to this strategic plan’s goals and objectives to assess the scope and sufficiency of efforts.  The group will also identify gaps where more attention and effort is needed.  The group will identify strategies and tactics to implement the corresponding objectives to this goal.  The group will also develop corresponding metrics to measure progress and success. View the previous Workforce Management Subgroup Charter here. The new Modernize Talent Management Work Group Charter will be developed soon. 

This group will focus on the following NICE Strategic Plan goal and objectives:

Goal:  Modernize the Talent Management Process to Address Cybersecurity Skills Gaps


  • Enhance the capabilities of organizations and sectors to effectively recruit, hire, develop, and retain the talent needed to manage cybersecurity-related risks
  • Utilize new technologies such as machine learning and automated approaches to increase connections and fit between employers and job seekers
  • Align qualification requirements according to proficiency levels to reflect the competencies and capabilities required to perform tasks in the NICE Framework
  • Promote the establishment of more entry-level positions and opportunities that provide avenues for growth and advancement
  • Encourage and enable ongoing development and training of employees, including rotational and exchange programs, to foster and keep current talent with diverse skills and experiences
  • Nurture effective practices in reskilling the unemployed, underemployed, incumbent workforce, and transitioning veterans to prepare them for careers in cybersecurity

To join this group, email This group meets the third Thursday of every month at 1 pm Eastern Time. View mailing list etiquette here

This Community of Interest is part of the broader NICE Community Coordinating Council. As such, members are automatically added to the NICE Community Coordinating Council

Members of the previous Workforce Management Subgroup do not need to take any action to join this Working Group. There will be an automatic transition. If you would like to be removed from this Working Group, please let us know.



K Jensen_NICE_WM
Credit: Karen Jensen

Karen Jensen 
President, Saaby Consulting Company





Kevin Perry
Credit: Kevin Perry

Kevin Perry
Chief, Cyber Training
DoD Cyber Crime Center/Cyber Training Academy




Dr. Melissa Woo Image
Credit: Dr. Melissa Woo

Dr. Melissa Woo
Executive VP for Administration and Chief Information Officer
Michigan State University



Workforce Management Guide Book Cover Page


  • Developed survey for members to provide feedback on project initiatives
  • Discussion and work on distributing the guidebook through various channels

Completed Projects:



  • NICE Program Office
    (301) 975-5048
    100 Bureau Dr.
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Created April 25, 2017, Updated January 21, 2021