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Rotating Cell Multi-Positional Block

Schematic of the SANS rotating cell holder

Picture of the SANS rotating cell holder
The SANS rotating cell holders tumble a sealed sample cell with the center of the rotation at the center of the sample. This tumbling motion prevents settling of precipitates that form over the time-scale of the SANS measurement. Two sets of rotational holders are available. A set of four rotating holders are currently on long-term loan from Uppsala University for use at all SANS beamlines. A set six rotating holders, owned and maintained by the NCNR, are available for any instrument but the USANS. The BT5 USANS instrument has only enough space for 4 holders.

Two styles of sample drums are available. The drum pictured holds circular and rectanglar Hellma© cells. The second style holds any size of the standard SANS demountable cells. Temperature control from ambient to 60°C has been achieved using halogen heat lamps1, but the holders operate at ambient temperature under standard conditions.

Created November 7, 2018, Updated November 15, 2019