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NCNR Sample Tracking

email craig.brown [at] (craig[dot]brown[at]nist[dot]gov) or one of the sample environment team

Minimal information is collected. 

  • You may choose any other email address as your username (again - we only use this as a label to identify the owner of the sample and who has performed actions on a sample)
  • If you want to use the  Android APP, we will use your Gmail address as your username
    • this is only to assign samples to you (we do not access any of your Google accounts or information - it is just a label that this specific to you) 
  • We assign your real name to the account
  • If you supply it, we record your address and telephone number (currently not important as we do not have a method to automate the shipping of samples)

If you wish to delete your account, we need to assign all your samples (if any remain) to another responsible.

  • Please tell us who should be the new custodian for your samples by contacting craig.brown@nist,.gov 
  • We will remove your account from our active database (username, password, address, and telephone (if they exist))
    • Note that the history of the samples and the activity performed on them remains attached to the sample
    • Any information on samples that are shipped out of the facility or disposed of (according to regulations) is archived, but not deleted


Created April 12, 2024