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Special Database 32 - Multiple Encounter Dataset (MEDS)

NIST Special Database 32 - Multiple Encounter Dataset (MEDS) is a test corpus organized from an extract of submissions of deceased persons with prior multiple encounters. MEDS is provided to assist the FBI and partner organizations refine tools, techniques, and procedures for face recognition as it supports Next Generation Identification (NGI), forensic comparison, training, and analysis, and face image conformance and inter-agency exchange standards. The MITRE Corporation (MITRE) prepared MEDS in the FBI Data Analysis Support Laboratory (DASL) with support from the FBI Biometric Center of Excellence.


Please visit our dataset request website to download the data. Included in download:


NIST_SD32_MEDS-I Description Document [278K]- PDF File

NIST_SD32_MEDS-I Face JPEGS [28M]- Zip file

NIST_SD32_MEDS-I Images in html formatted pages [30M] - Zip File

NIST_SD32_MEDS-I metadata files [27K] - CSV file (spreadsheet)


NIST_SD32_MEDS-II Description Document [1,376K]- PDF File

NIST_SD32_MEDS-II_README [5.4K] - Text File

NIST_SD32_MEDS-II_face [52.8M] - Zip File

NIST_SD32_MEDS-II_metadata [450K] - Zip File


Created May 10, 2010, Updated November 19, 2020