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Proprietary Fingerprint Template Testing (PFT) 2003 FAQs


Can vendors see the image data to do miss analysis?

Sorry, the data is Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) and government use only.

Can you give any information about the DHS2 dataset to help in tuning the matcher?

Many of the low quality images in the DHS2 dataset are low contrast images.

Does this PFT testing predict the performance of Many-to-One systems?

NO, the SDK evaluation is testing verification, which is One-to-One. NIST does not predict the performance of Many-to-One systems from any One-to-One testing.

Why the name change from Fingerprint SDK Testing to Proprietary Fingerprint Testing?

We are trying to distinguish between the various SDK testing now being done at NIST like MINEX, MINEX II and ELFT07. It was not always clear that the original "SDK Testing" was really dealing with proprietary fingerprint templates and not interoperable templates as MINEX does.

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Created March 30, 2010, Updated June 2, 2021