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Past and current work on image-based tattoo recognition







The following is a working list of publications related to tattoo matching and retrieval methods.

A. K. Jain, J.-E. Lee, and R. Jin, "Tattoo-id: automatic tattoo image retrieval for suspect and victim identification," Proceedings of the multimedia 8th Pacific Rim conference on Advances in multimedia information processing, PCM'07, pp. 256–265, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2007. JainLeeJinTattoo07.pdf

A. K. Jain, Y. Chen and U. Park, "Scars, Marks and Tattoos: Physical Attributes for Person Identification," MSU Tech Report CSE 07-22, 2007.

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J.-E. Lee, A. K. Jain, and R. Jin, "Scars, marks and tattoos (SMT): Soft biometric for suspect and victim identification," Proceedings of the Biometrics Symposium, pp. 1–8, September 2008, Tampa, Florida, USA. SoftBiometrics/LeeJainJin_SMT_BSYM2008.pdf

A. K. Jain, J.-E. Lee, R. Jin, and N. Gregg, "Content-based image retrieval: An application to tattoo images," Proceedings of the International Conference on Image Processing, pp. 2745–2748, 2009.

J. D. Allen, N. Zhao, J. Yuan, and X. Liu "Unsupervised tattoo segmentation combining bottom-up and top-down cues", Proceedings of the SPIE 8063, Mobile Multimedia/Image Processing, Security, and Applications 2011, 80630L (May 31, 2011).

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H. Han, A. K. Jain, "Tattoo based identification: Sketch to image matching", Proceedings of the International Conference on Biometrics Compendium, pp. 1-8, 2013. TattooBasedIdentification_Sketch2ImageMatching_ICB13.pdf

P. Duangphasuk and W. Kurutach, "Tattoo skin detection and segmentation using image negative method," Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies, pp. 354-359, 2013.

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Created September 24, 2014, Updated June 2, 2021