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MINEX III - What's New



Minutiae Quality

MINEX III allows for minutiae quality to be specified. Previously, Ongoing MINEX required that this field be set to 0, but this did not apply to the PIV operational specification. NIST SP 800-76-2,Table 18, Row 22 has been updated to allow for values [1,100] to be specified, or 0 to indicate that quality has not been calculated. 

PIV Level 2

Historically, Ongoing MINEX certified that template matchers operated under a criterion designed to support low false rejection when templates came from varying sources, which is now referred to as the PIV Level 1 compliance of a template matcher (NIST SP 800-76-2, Section MINEX III expands this accuracy specification to be more practical for an operational application by mandating PIV Level 2 compliance. A Level 2 compliant template matcher must match single-finger templates created by that same provider's template generator ("native mode") with a FNMR less than or equal to 0.02 at a FMR at or below 0.0001. To be fully PIV compliant, a template generator and matcher pair must achieve both Level 1 and Level 2 compliance.

Larger Dataset

In order to report Level 2 compliance with statistical confidence, a larger dataset must be used. MINEX III will generate approximately 2 million single finger templates and perform approximately 3 million single-finger matching operations per submission.

Expanded Analysis

The sole reporting method from Ongoing MINEX existed in the form of a single interoperability matrix, containing FMRs for combinations of template generators and template matchers. With MINEX III, each template generation and template matching algorithm will have a report card created with detailed graphs and tables. In addition, the MINEX III website will feature a page with all compliant submissions sorted in ascending order by "Pooled 2 Fingers FNMR @ FMR≤10-2" and other statistics.

MINEX III Compliance

The MINEX family of tests have been run at NIST for over 10 years. As such, it is no longer practical to continue to run some existing template generation and template matching algorithms, due to security concerns with the operating systems for which the submitted software was originally designed. It is also quite complex to ensure that 10 year old algorithms work properly on modern operating systems and hardware. New INCITS 378 semantic checks have been employed to ensure that templates generated are truly compliant. Submissions that fall out of spec with the MINEX III compliance guidelines will be removed from the interoperable subgroup.

Created April 15, 2015, Updated January 10, 2020