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MINEX III Compliant Submissions

Template Generators

Ascending "Pooled 2 Fingers FNMR @ FMR≤10-2"

2 Fingers
1 Finger
innovatricsinnovatrics+0020*0.000240.0034809 May 2024
NeurotechnologyNeurotechnology+020A0.000250.009328 Oct 2023
Innovatricsinnovatrics+001E0.000250.004406 Sep 2022
NeurotechnologyNeurotechnology+010E*0.000260.0032330 Jun 2023
Thalescogent+0515*0.000280.0037212 Dec 2023
IDEMIAmorpho+01110.000290.006405 Jul 2023
IDEMIAmorpho+0114*0.000290.0035804 Jan 2024
id3 Technologiesid3+13B1*0.000300.010327 Jun 2022
Imagid Inc.imagid+00100.000340.008417 Feb 2022
Imagid Inc.imagid+0004*0.000340.008306 Jan 2021
NECnec+8211*0.000350.008811 Aug 2022
AA Technology Ltd.aatec+0410*0.000360.008726 Sep 2023
Omnigarde LLComnigarde+0010*0.000390.010107 May 2024
Sonda Pro Ltd.sonda+0119*0.000390.014008 Oct 2020
TECH5 SATech5+0103*0.000390.013914 Oct 2020
AA Technology Ltd.aatec+04030.000400.011129 Nov 2021
DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbHdermalog+0007*0.000460.013703 May 2024
Genkey Solutions BVgenkey+09000.000460.014418 Feb 2021
Mantra Softech India Pvt Ltdmantrasoftech+0001*0.000490.015103 Jul 2023
Griaulegriaule+0112*0.000530.012809 Nov 2022
DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbHdermalog+00060.000550.016402 Jun 2020
Griaulegriaule+01090.000560.019817 May 2022
Beijing EyeCool Technology Co., Ltd006A+0292*0.000570.019626 Jul 2019
Genkey Solutions BV0059+0816*0.00058-07 Aug 2019
Omnigarde LLComnigarde+00030.000600.013610 Feb 2023
Miaxis Biometrics Co Ltd0071+0024*0.000650.011202 Jan 2024
Startek Engineering Inc.startek+0032*0.00066-02 Aug 2023
Awareaware+0311*0.000660.018706 Oct 2020
Miaxis Biometrics Co Ltd0071+00230.000740.012502 Jun 2023
Sopra Steria ASssb+0032*0.00086-03 Nov 2023
TigerIT Bangladesh LimitedTigerIT+00650.000860.015115 Nov 2022
Futronic Technology Co Ltd.futronic+000A*0.00105-01 Jul 2021
Aratek Biometrics Technology Co., Ltd.aratek+00110.00107-11 Jun 2019
Digital Persona Inc.dpfr6dev+0511*0.00107-24 Apr 2023
Aratek Biometrics Technology Co., Ltd.aratek+0013*0.00108-27 Mar 2024
INESC TECinesc+0016*0.00111-22 Oct 2020
SecuGen Corporationsecugen+0038*0.00116-11 Sep 2023
TigerIT Bangladesh LimitedTigerIT+0066*0.001170.013114 Dec 2023
Decatur Industries Inc.Decatur+01040.001190.016008 Nov 2021
Decatur Industries Inc.Decatur+0102*0.001190.013231 Mar 2021
Antheus Tecnologiaantheus+100A*0.00141-04 May 2022
T4ISB0080+000A*0.00161-19 Oct 2022
Precision Biometric India Pvt Ltdinnait+000C*0.0031-04 Jul 2023

Template Matchers

Ascending "Pooled 2 Fingers FNMR @ FMR≤10-2"

2 Fingers
1 Finger
NeurotechnologyNeurotechnology+010E*0.0000060.0032330 Jun 2023
IDEMIAmorpho+0114*0.0000130.0035804 Jan 2024
innovatricsinnovatrics+0020*0.000080.0034809 May 2024
Innovatricsinnovatrics+001E0.000090.004406 Sep 2022
IDEMIAmorpho+01110.000110.006405 Jul 2023
Thalescogent+0515*0.000160.0037212 Dec 2023
Omnigarde LLComnigarde+00030.000430.013610 Feb 2023
Omnigarde LLComnigarde+0010*0.000460.010107 May 2024
Miaxis Biometrics Co Ltd0071+0024*0.000460.011202 Jan 2024
NECnec+8211*0.000510.008811 Aug 2022
Miaxis Biometrics Co Ltd0071+00230.000520.012502 Jun 2023
DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbHdermalog+00060.000650.016402 Jun 2020
DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbHdermalog+0007*0.000680.013703 May 2024
Mantra Softech India Pvt Ltdmantrasoftech+0001*0.000730.015103 Jul 2023
AA Technology Ltd.aatec+0410*0.000810.008726 Sep 2023
TigerIT Bangladesh LimitedTigerIT+00650.000920.015115 Nov 2022
Imagid Inc.imagid+0004*0.000930.008306 Jan 2021
Sonda Pro Ltd.sonda+0119*0.000940.014008 Oct 2020
Imagid Inc.imagid+00100.000950.008417 Feb 2022
Awareaware+0311*0.000950.018706 Oct 2020
TECH5 SATech5+0103*0.000970.013914 Oct 2020
Decatur Industries Inc.Decatur+0102*0.001080.013231 Mar 2021
TigerIT Bangladesh LimitedTigerIT+0066*0.001130.013114 Dec 2023
Griaulegriaule+0112*0.001230.012809 Nov 2022
AA Technology Ltd.aatec+04030.001370.011129 Nov 2021
Griaulegriaule+01090.001400.019817 May 2022
NeurotechnologyNeurotechnology+020A0.001560.009328 Oct 2023
Decatur Industries Inc.Decatur+01040.001730.016008 Nov 2021
Beijing EyeCool Technology Co., Ltd006A+0292*0.001780.019626 Jul 2019
id3 Technologiesid3+13B1*0.00230.010327 Jun 2022
Genkey Solutions BVgenkey+09000.00240.014418 Feb 2021

* indicates that participant is member of the pool.
Last updated: 09 May 2024

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Created March 21, 2019, Updated May 9, 2024