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Iris Experts Group II (IEG-II) June 2016 Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Location: Lecture Room A, Administration Building, NIST Campus, Gaithersburg MD 20899
Registration: IEG-II Registration Page
Visitor Information: Visitors Information Page
Follow Directions at Gaithersburg Campus : After entering the main campus entrance off of Route 117, West Diamond Avenue, pull into the visitor center parking lot on the right of the entrance driveway. Take your drivers' license and vehicle registration with you into the visitor center. Take your green card and/or passport as well if you are not a US Citizen. After you get your visitor badge, pass through the checkpoint and then turn left. Drive around the bend and turn into the first parking lot on your left. You can park there. From there, walk to the tall, gray office building across the street from the parking lot. It is the administration building. The main entrance for that building is facing you as you look across the street. Once inside the main entrance, turn left and walk along the windowed corridor towards the Red and Green Auditoriums. About half way down the hall you will find Lecture Rooms A and B on your right. There will be a sign outside the door. We are in Lecture Room A.

POC: Patrick J. Grother, James R. Matey ieg-ii [at] (subject: , body: ) (IEG-II[at]nist[dot]gov)



  • Presentation topics are listed, not necessarily the presentation title.
  • US Persons are US Citizens and US Permanent Residents.
  • Presentations are 25 minutes. there is a little slack in the schedule to allow for the unexpected.
  •  NIST is not distributing any of the presentations. If an attendee wants a copy of a particular presentation, they should contact the presenter directly.

08:00 Pickup visitor badge at visitor center at main gate; park in visitor lot; walk to Admin Bldg.

See directions/visitor information above.


09:00 Arrival & Sign-in at green Auditorium (coffee available in cafeteria)

09:30 NIST welcoming remarks

09:35 Introductions

09:40 FBI welcoming remarks

09:45 DHS welcoming remarks

Operational Iris Recognition Session

09:50 Tim Meyerhoff, IrisID – Lessons Learned: Otay Mesa Pedestrian Exit Pilot

10:15 Michael Petrov, vision-box – Reducing failure to capture rates in unassisted applications

10:40 Break

11:10 Yevgeniy Sirotin, Scitor - Usability of biometric capture methods (restricted to US persons)

11:35 Jake Hasselgren, Scittor - Pros/cons of iris acquisition methods in a high flow environment: user positioned, standoff, ... (restricted to US persons)


11:45 Lunch on your own. NIST Cafeteria is open to you.

Cross Spectral Session

13:00 Chris Boehnen, IARPA – Use Cases: Visible Light Iris Recognition and Forensic Iris Recognition

13:25 Jennifer Webb, SMU – Multi-Spectral: N-to-N template comparisons: same and cross wavelengths

13:50 Jay Doyle, MITRE - Iris Recognition: Visible Light to Near IR (restricted to US persons)

14:15 Arun Ross – Iris As a Forensic Modality

14:40 Adam Czajka - Post Mortem Iris

15:05 Terry Waters - En-Block Iris Recognition with Preservation of Biometric Characteristics


15:15 Patrick Grother – IREX Status Update

15:25 George Quinn – Plans for the upcoming IREX IX evaluation

15:40 Wrap up, future meetings

16:00 Close

IEG-II Links

IEG-II Registration


Created May 16, 2016, Updated June 2, 2021