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IEG: Iris Camera Selection Guidance-Commercial

Description (current as of July  2021):  This is an ongoing discussion of camera selection guidance for parties interested in commercial application of iris recognition.  It is an offshoot of the  Iris Camera Selection Guidance-Government discussion group.  The partition into two groups was done because our discussion demonstrated that there are distinct differences between the guidance that might be offered for (1) a Large-N government application in which interoperability at the image level is important/required and (2) a Small/Medium-N commercial application where image interoperability is less important and in some cases may not even be wanted.   The discussions are held monthly using WebEx.  The current schedule is the second Thursday of each month at 1200.  The usual discussion facilitator is James R. Matey, james.matey [at] (james[dot]matey[at]nist[dot]gov) .  Participants are free to recommend topics for inclusion in the agenda for each month and to make presentations to the group on topics of common interest.  Participants have access to a private GitHub repository for the exchange of materials relevant to the discussions. Participants include government staff members, vendor staff members and members of the academic research community. This is not a standards setting body though the documents prepared by the discussion group participants may be submitted , when appropriate, to such bodies for consideration in their discussions

Participation:  To be added to (dropped from) the mailing list for ongoing discussions of Iris Camera Selection Guidance-Commercial, please send email which includes your name, affiliation and an affiliated email address.

to ieg-ii [at] (ieg-ii[at]nist[dot]gov)  with the subject  IEG: Iris Camera Selection Guidance-Commercial - ADD (DROP)

mailto:ieg-ii [at] Iris Camera Selection Guidance-Commercial - Add

mailto:ieg-ii [at] Iris Camera Selection Guidance-Commercial - Drop


This page supports a discussion group within the IEG:  Iris Camera Selection Guidance-Commercial.

Results of ongoing discussions will be posted here.

Created July 6, 2021, Updated May 10, 2022