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IEG-II Registration

To register for the upcoming IEG-II meeting, send an email to IEG-II [at] (IEG-II[at]nist[dot]gov) as described below. Please register as soon as possible so that we can get a good head count and put you into the visitor request queue in time to have a visitor badge waiting for you. We need a week before the meeting for US Citizens and two weeks for non-US Citizens to be sure the process completes before you get here.

There is no registration fee; on the other hand we are not providing food or refreshments. You can get coffee and other refreshments in the nearby NIST cafeteria.

Subject: IEG-II Attendee Registration

In the text, please include the following information

Your name:
Your affiliation:
Your address:
Your phone number:
Your citizenship:
Your email address:

Please copy/paste the list above into your email, including the colons, and type your information after each colon and on the same line. This makes it easier to parse the information automatically.

If you are not a US citizen, you will also need to fill out the NIST 1260 form and return it to us. It normally takes a week to process the form. Since the form contains personally identifiable information it should not be sent via an open email. Transmission options are: ·

  • Facsimile: 301-975-5287. Before sending, contact Kelsey Knepp (Kelsey.knepp [at] (Kelsey[dot]knepp[at]nist[dot]gov )) at 301-975-2946 to insure that the department FAX machine is on and that someone will pick up your FAX. Be sure to include a cover sheet that directs the FAX to Kelsey Knepp and IEG-II Attendee Registration. ·
  • NIST Secure File Transfer: Send a note to IEG-II [at] (IEG-II[at]nist[dot]gov) and we will give you access to a web based secure file transfer facility.
  • If neither of these is easily feasible, send us a note at IEG-II [at] (IEG-II[at]nist[dot]gov) and we will work out an alternative.

We are sorry, but due to ITAR restrictions, some IEG-II presentations may be restricted to US Persons (to first order, citizens and permanent residents).  See and for more information or consult your legal staff. The agenda for the meeting will indicate if a presentation is expected to be ITAR restricted.

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Created May 16, 2016, Updated September 21, 2016