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Biometrics at 60

Welcome to the NIST Biometrics at 60 Event Information Page!

November 14th and  15th   -    Virtual Attendance

Agenda                      Event Videos

While biometrics have been in use for thousands of years, starting as early as artists leaving fingerprint impressions on clay pots to ensure authenticity of their work, NIST has an equally rich history of research in biometrics which now spans six decades!

Starting with pioneering work conducted by NBS in the early 1960’s in creating the world’s first automated fingerprint matching algorithm, to present day research in the many evaluations and standardization efforts, NIST and our many partners have helped tackle some of the most challenging problems in this field.

The Biometrics at 60 event is a milestone celebration for the decades of biometric research and collaboration between scientists and stakeholders at NIST (NBS), other government agencies, industry, and academia in promoting the science and standards surrounding this important field of measurement research.

Join us for this celebration where you can find out more about the history of our work, how this history has shaped the science of biometrics and where some of our future efforts will lead us.

The event will be held virtually on November 14th and 15th of 2023, and registration is free! 

Your participation is most welcome.


Created August 29, 2023, Updated February 2, 2024