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OWM Federal Staff

 Click on the photos below to view each individual's bio.

Photo of Katrice Lippa
Katrice Lippa, Chief
Photo of Elizabeth Benham
Elizabeth Benham, Metric (SI)
Yvonne Branden
Yvonne Branden, Training & Web Coordinator
Photo of Tina Butcher
Tina Butcher, Program Leader, Legal Metrology Devices
Photo of OWM staff member Isabel Chavez Baucom
Isabel Chavez Baucom, Laboratory Metrology
Color image of SI wheel
Barbara Cohn, Office Manager
Photo of Katya Delak
Katya Delak, International Legal Metrology
Photo of Chuck Ehrlich
Chuck Ehrlich, Program Leader, International Legal Metrology
Photo of Cyra Golwalla
Cyra Golwalla, Administration Assistant
Photo of Georgia Harris
Georgia Harris, Laboratory Metrology
Photo of Rick Harshman
Richard Harshman, Legal Metrology Devices
Micheal Hicks
Micheal Hicks, Program Leader, Laboratory Metrology
Photo of Jan Konijnenburg
Jan Konijnenburg, Legal Metrology  Devices,  International Legal Metrology
Photo of Elizabeth Koncki
Elizabeth Koncki, Laboratory Metrology
Photo of Diane Lee
Diane Lee, Legal Metrology Devices
Toni Litorja
Toni Litorja, NIST Detailee to OWM Programs
Photo of OWM Staff Member John McGuire
John McGuire, Laws and Regulations
Photo of OWM Staff Member Loren Minnich
Loren Minnich, Legal Metrology Devices
Photo of Rich Montgomery
Rich Montgomery, AV Productions Coordinator
Michael Nelson Headshot
Michael Nelson, NIST Detailee to OWM Programs
Ralph Richter
Ralph Richter,  International Legal Metrology
David Sefcik
David Sefcik, Laws and Regulations
Color image of SI wheel
Lisa Warfield, Laws and Regulations
Color image of SI wheel
Juana Williams, Legal Metrology Devices
Created March 31, 2022, Updated May 23, 2023