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California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC)

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Utilizing staff expertise and collaborative partnerships, CMTC enhances operational performance and productivity, drives new product development, market expansion, and technology adoption for California’s manufacturers. CMTC serves the unique needs and challenges of small and medium-sized manufacturers through a broad array of services which improve the top and bottom line.

CMTC exclusively serves small and medium-sized manufacturers who represent 94% of the manufacturers in California and create 90% of the sector’s job growth. These are high paying jobs with each creating an additional 3 to 5 non-manufacturing jobs that also contribute to the California economy.

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Leader of California’s Manufacturing Network

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To facilitate access to services and expand outreach, CMTC formed and leads California’s Manufacturing Network. The Network provides a broad range of technical assistance services and resources in urban and rural regions throughout California. It is a collaboration of more than 23 manufacturing-focused partners who assist CMTC in delivering a statewide Manufacturing Extension Partnership program.

California’s Manufacturing Network serves more than 1,700 manufacturers annually, generating significant positive financial impacts for our clients and for the public good in California.  The Network measures its performance via third party administered client surveys which quantify satisfaction and impact.

Success Stories

Woman- and Minority-Owned Bakery Grows their Business

Reported Year
Since opening in 2015, Kayla’s Cake has experienced both retail and wholesale business – but, in recent years, the company has seen an opportunity for further expansion into wholesale. Company leadership determined that in order to be successful with wholesale business on a large scale, the company would need to complete a Good Manufacturing

Leadership Training Delivers a Huge Impact!!

Reported Year
HPP Foodservices was seeking assistance with growing the leadership skills of employees in order to enhance interpersonal communication, team effectiveness, ability to adapt to change, and a continuous improvement mindset. For help the company turned to CMTC, part of the MEP National Network™ .

TechnoFlo Deploys a New Product!

Reported Year
In 2021, TechnoFlo was seeking to update their technology by designing wireless meters that would allow for remote monitoring of water and other fluid systems to meet market demands, increase sales, and allow the company to stay competitive. Successful development and completion of the technology was required to allow the company to increase market

Manufacturing reports

Created March 18, 2019, Updated February 21, 2024