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Partnerships Page Header

Partnerships are so important to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program that it’s part of our name. The MEP National NetworkTM relies on our partners. To learn about these opportunities, please contact us. 

MEP was founded on the premise that partnerships among NIST MEP and other public and private entities increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our National Network of manufacturing extension services. MEP’s ability to foster, develop and leverage these relationships permits MEP Centers to expand the reach and value of the program to the manufacturing industry. For almost three decades, MEP has focused on accelerating the growth of the U.S. manufacturing base by improving the competitiveness of U.S.-based manufacturers and reducing company operating costs, growing company profits and encouraging technology deployment. 

Manufacturing, and the ecosystems that support the industry, are diverse. Manufacturing is apparel, chemicals and advanced materials. Manufacturing is electronics, glass, medical devices, food and transportation equipment. Manufacturing is rural and urban. Manufacturing is large and small companies. 

That’s why so many different types of partnerships are formed to drive the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers. The MEP National Network, with more than 1,440 trusted advisors and experts at approximately 460 MEP service locations located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, connects manufacturers with their local ecosystem. Our partners include:

  • State and local governments
  • Other Federal government agencies, departments, programs and laboratories (see our partnership agreements)
  • Universities, community colleges and technical schools
  • Trade associations
  • Professional societies
  • Industry leaders and think tanks
  • Economic development organizations
  • The private sector; including consulting firms as well as the manufacturers across the nation

The Network and the Program’s foundation is built on partnership so our success depends on these partners and building new partnerships. 

Our understanding of and ability to align state, regional, and local policy goals and objectives with national policy goals, leverages the strength of each entity. Our ability to create private-public partnerships can bring to manufacturers capabilities that they cannot access alone, providing a wide range of options to address challenges and offer practical solutions that get products to market faster, enhance operational performance, finance growth, manage risks and encourage innovation. 

To learn more about partnering with NIST MEP, please contact jyoti.malhotra [at] (Jyoti Malhotra).



  • MEP Headquarters
    (301) 975-5020
    100 Bureau Drive, M/S 4800
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-4800
Created September 5, 2014, Updated July 8, 2024